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Weskalia's Fortune Arterial Tv Review

Rated: 3

Now Fortune Arterial is a terrible show, but not because of the idea - its current season also aired one of the most censored eroge anime, a guy traveled to his place from childhood and got stuck up in one of the worst harem, so let's not pretend that somehow this particular idea is any more or less boring than anything else in its genre. No, this show is awful because it's unbelievably poorly constructed and executed – this is one of the worst vampire element of any fiction ever come in existence. At least Yosuga no Sora has the benefit of pretty landscape and soothing music; this series can't even manage that much or perhaps, it aimed to become even more than what a school romance could be, which often fails.

And so the season's "Are They Even Trying?" award goes to ...

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Member Opinions

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Story about a boy who keep changing schools due to consistent transfers of his father. A romance yet no romance genre anime (you have to watch it to know what i mean.. XD). School and vampire. Typical story line but it seemed that the anime was forcibly converted into a half season. Things looked as they were purposely compressed.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The show having a vampire plot was surprising to me when I first saw info about this show. Though I wish it was a little longer. I thought this show was alright and I liked it to a certain degree, though it could've been a lot better. I think they really could've taken the vampire element, mixed it in with the struggle between the main character and the main female and sort of tried to mix a forbidden/impossible romance and the two between them trying to make it work. It was disappointing to see that they did not.

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