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Not much is known about Fran's past, only that she is one of Professor Naomitsu Madaraki's best creations and the second of the Madaraki "sisters". She seems to have a crush on him and often fantasizes about watching him operate, which motivates her to become a better doctor. Even though she is good at heart, Fran's dubious moral code often ends up causing more harm than good to her patients. Appearing deceptively harmless and naive, Fran does display a more sadistically practical side when others try to scam or threaten her or the residents of the estate.

She lives and conducts her research at the Madaraki estate, but travels for work and even goes to school occasionally, even though she has no need for it. Fran bears a resemblance to Frankenstein's monster due to the two large electrodes placed on her head and multiple surgery scars covering her face and body. It is implied that Professor Madaraki "stitched" her together, although the circumstances of this are unknown.

Description: pandemonium91.

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