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In the kingdom of Arendelle, royal sisters Elsa and Anna spend every waking moment playing and going through adventures - especially thanks to Elsa, who was inexplicably born with magical powers over ice. However, Elsa isn't in complete control of her powers and accidentally harms Anna during one of their games. At her parents' request, Elsa agrees to avoid interacting in any way with her sister, and Anna's memories of Elsa's powers are replaced with "normal" ones. The girls spend their childhood isolated from each other, with Anna wondering why her sister shut her out and continuously trying to reach out to her.

After the royal couple of Arendelle die during a voyage at sea, Elsa is set to become the new queen. On the day of the coronation, Anna suddenly presents Hans, a man she'd met just that day, as her official fiancé. Baffled, Elsa refuses to acknowledge or bless their marriage, which prompts an argument between the two sisters. The pressure causes Elsa to accidentally unleash her powers, which are now much stronger than when she was little, rendering everyone at the ball horrified. She manages to escape and retreat into solitude, but unknowingly dooms her kingdom to eternal winter.

Finally understanding the reason for her sister's distant behavior, Anna sets out to bring Elsa and summer back to the kingdom of Arendelle. Along the way, she meets and befriends Kristoff the ice salesman; his reindeer, Sven; and Olaf, an animated snowman.

The film is very loosely based on "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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