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Aiira Aiira

The prequel to the Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play, the manga revolves around how 'the book of the four gods' was brought to Japan and who was the original holder. It tells the story of Takiko Okuda the first priestess to enter the book, she becomes the priestess of Genbu the guardian of the northern country known as Hokkan. There she encounters many problems, not only does she have to gather the seven warriors of Genbu, but she also has to make the people of Hokkan believe that Genbu is 'real' and that she along with the seven warriors can save the northern country of Hokkan. On top of that she also has the war against Kutou behind her, being chased by soldiers of the eastern country (Kutou) and she has to deal with her incurable disease. Uruki/Rimudo also falls in-love with his priestess, not long after Takiko reciprocates the felling, as soon she she summoned Genbu her health turned for the worse, in the end Takiko died with her father helping her. YUU WATASE did an amazing job with this manga, Takiko was not your common 'damsel in distress', she could fight for her own sake and she's head strong. Genbu Kaiden is a much recommended manga, now then only the story of Byakko is left. Overall I fell that this manga is much better and well developed..

aureawolf aureawolf

It's so tragically adorable! I didn't read or watch the original FY until I completed the latest translated release and I saw a major evolution (personally, I didn't like the first one at all, I couldn't even pass the 1st episode... too annoying and full of the 90's anime cliches for my taste). Genbu Kaiden is quite different, in my opinion: the jokes, the romance is there of course, but the art is more polished, refined and the characters are more substantial (it was released in the same year that Zettai Kareshi, 2003, so you may appreciate the parallelisms): I like and respect Takiko, I adore Uruki and I'm very fond of the rest of the gang. It's like Watase-sensei had learned from her previous mistakes and wanted to do something more serious.

riho88riho riho88riho

Didn't feel the "grab" or the incentive to stay with this series for long. *shrug*
Artwork is good (as usual for this artist) and the story looks like it'd be interesting and worth it to some.

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