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With his mother dead and his father working abroad, Nozomu Futami returns to the town he grew up in to attend high school. But there is something special about this town-- it is swarming with twin girls. Local legend says this is because of twin girls that once loved the same man, and because he could not choose between them, they turned into birds and flew away, leaving behind a single stone.
It seems that Nozomu is now in the center of this legend where twins fall in love with the same man-- but can he choose one?

Description by: DokiDokiChan

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Cal-reflector's Futakoi Tv Review

Rated: 7

The warm cuteness is a definite bonus and incentive--truly, all of the characters, even the main character's down-trodden sidekick, have their appeals-- which one can enjoy without the usual disadvantages of explicit fanservice (You know what those are, people peering over your shoulder, etc). The short length of the series (13) also prevents formation of heavy emotional baggage that threatens to choke viewers with angst; the characters' questions and indecisions are resolved in a timely manner, and the plot moves on in an unambiguous and clear-cut fashion so that the viewer never loses focus.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

season one contains many twins going after one guy. a typical anime at its time. story pretty much predictable from episode one, just a matter which twins or who captures the guy's heart. seiyuu ok performance, nothing jumped out. songs not bad. but overall felt like a budgeted anime.

deviant2 deviant2

standard ...
this movie for teen (15+) ...
the story is ... ahh ... (if im 16 years old, wow its good stories)
the problem solved eazyly something like i am in juninor high school, but i am not.
the character / scenery / environment / drawn was standard too

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