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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Pacing way too fast. Sisters only exist for fanservice. Main character acts like a whiny little bitch boy. Fuuka is an unreasonable tsundere because "why not" right? Koyuki is nothing but childhood friend, obligatory "rival", because "why not" right? The character design is okay, but they wasted so much time on flat comedy, played out Tsundere, beta-bitch main character, & everybody else. Everything is just so damn cliche it's downright pitiful. The only decent thing to come out of this series, is the OP song, Climber's High, which is pretty awesome^^

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

Literally. What the **** was those first to episode? Oh I'm a generic MC staring at my phone when some random chick pakours into me, jumps to conclusions and thinks I'm staring at her panties. Do I say anything? No, I let her take my phone, smash it, slap me like she's my pimp and runs away. What guy in this day and age would let anybody destroy his phone? This MC will. Oh yeah that random chick is random standing on the roof like she is in some supernatural anime, jumps to conclusions and makes you lose your phone (your replacement SHE broke). Oh yeah after she realize that she been a grade a ****, what do they do? Go on a date. W.T.F. I haven't seen a forced pairing so bad since SAO. And the real kicker is he is starting to like her. Like after two days of knowing her. I really hope the music in the show is good because the plot makes you wish a trash can was always near you for vomit control.

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