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kuryuki kuryuki

it's confusing but so far so good?
I don't quite like the characters as much as other clamp series though
i feel like they don't have much individuality and it's hard to get attached to them :/
and their personalities are quite week too ):
the story is a bit confusing but it's still fairly intersting
I hope many mysteries will be solved soon haha

Glukogen Glukogen

I have high hopes for this clamp project. Technique of drawing is completely new for this studio - this just makes me happy. The plot is difficult to assess (I can say - it will be intricate as usual), each chapter has a lot of historical information and dates, so you have to read attentively. And I hope I will get rid feeling of deja vu in some of the characters while reading.

P.S. Number 7 is so suits this manga =D

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