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fireflywishes fireflywishes

First part of the story was fantastic. Should've ended there. Then they just kept dragging things out... adding in all the cliche obstacles, making sure all the friends ended up in couples, and combined with one crazy obsessive ex boyfriend. I actually ended up more interested in the couplings with the friends than the main characters... that's never a good sign, which is why I had to drop the score.


A great story so far. The main character Utsumi Seiji, is a person who keeps things pretty much to himself. When Yuki Kurokawa and him meet, due to his tendencies to admire things from far away, his life takes a turn. Driven by the usual romance plot, I really like the character growth throughout the story. Admittedly I am a bit upset sometimes at the incompetence and rather naivety the characters display. Sometimes certain characters wish to be martyrs and sometimes they go overboard with silly things. With the series not having ended I cannot give a full review. I frequent forums and speak with others as to where the story shall go. Give it a chance, it has great characters and that is what creates great stories. Be warned though, to me it seems the author is taking too long to reach their desired "End" and at certain points it has a bit of pointless drama. The biggest flaw this manga has is that I don't think the author knows where to end it. And without a thorough sense of direction it sometimes flails about...

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Another good romance manga. The manga depicts the emotional roller coaster of the main character very well as he struggles to confess to the girl he loves and to keep a romantic relationship going smoothly before going through the depressing stage of a break up.

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