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minayuri minayuri

It was a charming little movie in regards to Miyazaki's movies for children, although I prefer Totoro more in terms of the story, characters, and animation. Although Totoro is an earlier Miyazaki film, the animation in that movie looks more detailed. I feel the overall design for Ponyo looked flat and not as detailed.

aureawolf aureawolf

An adorable version of the classical story! Well, it's not like it's very hard... I mean, it's Miyazaki-sensei after all. Whatever he does is just a delight for me, and I adore how all her heroines are able to be themselves and still find their true love on strong, reliable guys. His couples always make sense and you feel like they're meant to be in a natural, innocent and deep way.

Summer67 Summer67

Awesome! I totally love anything that I've watched that Studio Ghibli has produced. The story telling is just so amazing as well as the animation. I especially love how it's mixed with real life and fantasy at the same time and it all blends together so well.

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

Pretty cute. Miyazaki, as we all know, is a FABULOUS director. Although Ponyo was well received and apealed to most audiences, I felt it was lacking the intense magic and adventure of his previous movies. It was slow-paced and... well yeah, just boring. Not THAT boring, but mildly boring. It's a good movie to watch when you're with a lot of people who chat during a movie. But overall it's cute and a nice change from the senseless retarded American movies for kids.

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

PONYO! What else is there to say? Though odd, this movie was fun and interesting. And Ponyo herself was extremely adorable and amusing. :D While Ponyo might be an exact retelling of the little mermaid story, its twists make it very unique and one of my favortite Miyazaki films. <3

Nalataia Nalataia

Pretty cute though I prefer the little mermaid of Disney. However, this story gives us a new point of view of the mermaid world. Personally, I was expecting some similar to Howl's Moving Castle but Ponyo is good enough.

Ponyo is one of the masterpieces of Ghibli Studios, like Tototoro, Chihiro, Porco Rosso and so on. Every story they take becomes an art work.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

cute. it reminded me of the little mermaid, as others have told me that this was the version it was made of. it reminded me of like a water version of spirited away, to a degree, the artwork was typical, great and fantastic. but it was slightly boring and I lost interest in a few places. I liked the ability that Ponyo had though

sarah-lou-myers-123 sarah-lou-myers-123

I recommend this film to one and all. It's a twist on the classic fairy tale of the little mermaid. Of which, I love the Disney Classic version too. But this is just a whole different story. It's more wierd and exciting and fun! Just the way this kind of animation film should be!

e1ectric e1ectric

Awesome artwork, sound is decent, however sometimes confusing, like out of the blue the world was in danger of being destroyed... why? The plot is a bit childish and occasionally showed great weakness. Many of the characters have very good development which adds to the enjoyment. Another good one to add to the watchlist if I'm ever looking after little kids.

lkmjr lkmjr

Visually amazing. Pnyo and Sousuke are both adorable. Score is overwhelmingly cute. Story is fairy-tale like, clearly meant to appeal to a very young audience. Not Studio Ghibli's best work, and certainly not Miyazaki's, but still fun and adorable.

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