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AmuTsukiyomi's Gakuen Alice Manga Review

Rated: 9

As I've mentioned before, this manga won't be leaving you unsatisfied with the result. It's quite enjoyable to read, and the concepts are always well and appropriately displayed. There is some humour, but the manga isn't supposed to be taken as a comedy show- it's just there to usually lighten the mood or leave the reader with occasional bursts of laughter.

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Member Opinions

akiranyo akiranyo

The popularity of the manga suprises me as far the anime series is nothing mentionable. Weak character setup, storyflow has a bad pace. A few interesting moments and a few funny parts, but still not up for 26 episodes.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

" Funny is actually other's misery " .. If u believe this statement then sure its quite funny anime. Otherwise it would become a sad and painful one. (as for me). Well, quite an old anime and have a 9.25/10 to story line. Presentation and voice acting were not that impressive, since it is an old anime as i mentioned above. The story revolves around a young girl who is named as Mikan-chan, who has come a long distance from her village to meet her friend who studies in a special school )which is only for those who have some super power, called Alice.) Soon she is realized to have her own Alice and so is admission-ed in that school. New adventures begins as the story progresses. We can also call it a kids anime, but i liked it to give it a good score. For more, please watch this anime..:)

singlemoon singlemoon

I enjoyed it years ago, but thinking back and re-evaluating things makes me change my mind. They're kids who think and acted like grown up, esp. Natsume. Lots of thing happening in the manga, but since it's reached 100+ chapter, I dare not to chase the recent chapter. XD
But still, it doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed it, so let's leave it as a good anime.

bafyte bafyte

Funny, cute and pink. Very cute to see young kids with special talents and a little love blooming as well. Sounds like it's a little kids anime but it was still fun to watch it. I started reading the manga since there are no more episodes :D

Lunariha Lunariha

This anime is definitely one of my favs!! It's so cute--with a touch of comedy, a little bit of cute romance (love triangle to be exact), and a day in a life of Alice students. Mikan and Natsume rocks!! XD I really hope they make a season 2 for this one since the manga is still going on, and got lotsa exciting things going on.

ai-yame ai-yame

The concept of people (especially youngsters) having an Alice, or powers in the usual term, is really exciting. It's like watching the characters explore the depth of each one's unique alice make you go back to those fantasies you've had as a child, having superpowers and all. Plot-wise and art-wise, Gakuen Alice really piqued my interest, especially the fact that the transition of events went pretty smoothly yet mysteriously, too. However, I'm clamoring for a second season, hoping that would somehow justify the excitement contained in the manga. Still, this series is worth watching.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

The alice powers concept is really good! I also love the characters. I enjoyed the anime and I wish there's a sequel. I'm currently keeping up with the manga *and it seems like it'll soon come to an end*. The problem that I see is that I think they're too young to kiss (I mean, Natsume and Mikan) and all that. But, yeah this is manga.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Ah well, the Alice power part is interesting for sure. The humour are awesome, without a doubt. xD
Cute characters.
Seems like in the manga, the story gets more and more serious, and I have wonder if it's the same with the anime?? :<

sammyui sammyui

Wonderful story. I'm not finished yet in this anime because it's still ongoing..
But so far, the manga is near ti its end.

At first, the story seems so light and shallow, but as the time goes by, you will knew the secrets of the different people there, which will surprise you. The love interest goes around Natsume, Mikan and Ryuka. They are very cute! Also, they're ALICE which refers to their powers also makes the story exciting. This most deal with the history of they're families in they're school which makes a significance in the story, that you will not see easily.

they are cutest couple. They're personality is very opposite, but they are best fitted for each other.
ayah !

oukafriend oukafriend

"Alice" describes the special ability one might possess. The school hosts all Alice users including a strange girl named Mikan whose alice does virtually nothing...or so it seems. She can negate other alices, which turns out ot be useful at times. Mikan's pretty stupid though...well the manga is much better than the anime for sure, but it's interesting.

Archem-chan Archem-chan

Best friends Mikan and Hotaru grew up in a small town in the remote countryside. When Hotaru moves to a school for geniuses in Tokyo, Mikan misses Hotaru so badly that she decides to travel to Tokyo herself to find Hotaru. She finds Hotaru in a school called "Alice Academy," and finds that the school is actually for people with special powers called "Alices." Narumi-sensei, a teacher at the school, discovers that Mikan also happens to have an Alice, and Mikan is admitted into the academy. There she finds friends, love, and a life that she will never forget.

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