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    Gakuen Babysitters

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Member Opinions

aozoraskies aozoraskies

omg Gakuen Babysitters is sooo cute. The adorableness.. urgh... My brain cells XD. But it's so cute that I can't stay away. And sweet, and funny. It's not very deep, and there's way too much 'lucky coincidence' but the toddlers and their babysitters interact so adorably. Brotherly love, brotherly jealousy, children's tempers, going through the pain and strangeness of losing parents, the gruff older brother who secretly cares for his little bro... Sure, it's not deep. And after the first few chapters, it decides that the teenagers don't need that much focus after all, and it's starting to be all about the kids and their day care life... But it's so addictive and sugary. Argh.
An instant cure for depression, some of the chapters. Certainly a helpful read after the horrors of watching Amnesia gameplay D:

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