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Seria's Galaxy Angel Tv Review

Rated: 9

The humour were reduced greatly, in addition it has a solid story and plot.
The game itself were enjoying to play with a different love story for each of the Angel Troupe. The difficulity is moderate to each person, to me it was very easy.
The game itself already ended in 3 series:
1. Galaxy Angel
2. Galaxy Angel ~Moonlit Lover's~ ( this where chitose joined )
3. Galaxy Angel ~ Eternal Lover's~ ( The closing for the 3 game )
Why i said the game ended i suggest you play it yourself and you will understand ( I don't want to be a spoiler )

The Manga is still continuing in Japan, the first session were already ended and now they serialized the 2nd session under the name Galaxy Angel 2nd.

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Member Opinions

evelluchia evelluchia

good anime for a laph and well some wild and crazy adventures if there was a millitary like the likes of these girls i think we ouldent have war we would all be lauphing too much hehe XD

it makes you winder if there is an interplanitary military

KyoXRena44 KyoXRena44

This series had me thoroughly entertained from the first episode. From that moment, I knew I'd been hooked until the last episode of "Galaxy Angel Rune". The characters all have their ups and downs, but they're all VERY much lovable in the areas where they excel. This anime does a fantastic job in brightening your day and giving you the laughs you need whenever you feel frustrated. The characters' antics and the ridiculous events should be enough to put a smile on any of its viewers faces. I would say that this anime fulfilled its quota and surpassed it on that note!

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