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Digitally created art taken from visual novels.
They are almost always the same dimensions as wallpapers (e.g. 1600x1200) and feature heavy use of dutch angle.
Official Game Wallpapers should not be tagged under here, but as Official Wallpapers instead.

Images like 320690 will be tagged with Official Digital Art, while game scenes (like 677734) will be tagged with Game CG.

The rules for Game and Visual Novel CG uploads are essentially the same. However, the key difference is that near-duplicates are limited because many images have a single, small feature as the only difference e.g. how the mouth looks or how wide open the eyes are, blushing or not blushing, etc.

Due to the large amount of CGs with such similarities, we are limiting certain scenes in the galleries. Scan moderators will decide which scene will now be kept and which will be deleted. Usually the CG scene with the first/oldest submission date will remain in the gallery if too many similarities show up.

Also see: Alternate Version.

Game CG Scans

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More Scans »

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