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High school student Kei Kurono meets up with childhood friend Kato Masaru one day by chance encounter. As the two are in the subway chatting, Kato notices a homeless man on the subway train tracks. Kato goes down on to the tracks to move the man off the tracks and persuades Kei to help. But soon after helping the man, they are hit by a subway train and killed...

Or maybe not.

Immediately after being hit by the train, the two suddenly find themselves in an apartment from which they can't leave, along with some other people who were also in some near death experience. In this apartment there is also a black sphere called Gantz.

Kei and the others have to obey Gantz's rules if they want to live. They have to participate in missions in which the objective is to eliminate aliens. But who or what are these aliens? are Kei, Kato and the others alive or dead?

Written by boojitsu.

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E1ectric's Gantz Tv Review

Rated: 6

Presentation... where to begin... too many flashbacks, especially towards the end. They would begin every episode with what happened in the last episode to the point that I would think that I accidentally chose an episode I had already seen. Certain scenes used way too many stalling methods, like flashing between two people staring at each other both saying "uh" with a stupid look on their faces or glaring at each other. I guess they did that in a feeble attempt to build suspense. It didn't really work, just pisses me off. Now that I'm done bashing all the things I didn't like about the presentation, overall it was decent.
There wasn't anything really funny in this anime, it's a more serious anime, so it's not a good choice if you're looking for laughs.

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Member Opinions

fireflywishes fireflywishes

SO MANY NAKED BODIES. >.< But the storyline is really interesting for the first 2 story arcs. It kind of reminds me of Psyren in some respects, but with more realistic artwork and plot points. I'll reiterate again... there is a lot of un-censored nudity.

Glukogen Glukogen

Has yet to be anime, which I did not like. The idea of ​​the existence between life and death is quite interesting (I have appreciated), but similarity of a computer game, a set of points, the extermination of aliens, naturalized scenes of violence and cynicism - all this is not my type. Sorry..

Obie1 Obie1

Meh.It's nothing really good for me to tell you the truth.It's quirky sure and the story is original in it's own way I suppose but it just didn't do it for me.After the 2nd or 3rd episode is started getting really old really fast.Consider watching this at a friends house rather than buying it yourself.Just my opinion.

dwdantee dwdantee

The manga has a original story, a good entertainment and a great design. The only one bad thing is that Oku doesn't care much about yours fans, doing us always wait of times in times for one chapter, and still make some stops.

The anime is great until Buddha mission. After this the final is a really crap.

riho88riho riho88riho

Although the series captured a very realistic view on how humans both and would react, the waiting before decisions were made became extremely annoying by the third episode. You probably couldn't find an episode where there isn't indecisive pauses. Although it could be said it's realistic, it's also takes AWAY from the action and suspense. The "plot" was interesting and unusual compared to a lot of other animes, however it was lacking often if simply because they'd kill someone off just as you got to know them and you'd have to restart the learning the character process all over again. All in all, I won't ever re-watch it most likely.

animeaddict14 animeaddict14

Loved every episode except the last one. It didn't follow the manga - they just did a fast ending and i hated it - read the manga and it continues past where the anime ended. I wish they would have continued following the manga.

23RubyZ22 23RubyZ22

I'd say that the manga is MUCH better, but the series has its good things, though.
I love the way they use 3D graphics, the blood, and limbs flying around, amazing!!!
I'm a gore lover...
One of mi favourites (like all the animes I've been posting on my watchlist... LOL).

e1ectric e1ectric

Read the manga, and that seems to have ruined this anime for me because it's not living up to what I imagined. The anime seems to go really slow compared too the manga, and this series in my opinion should be going much faster. Decent plot though, but if you want the better story read the manga.

Nubes Nubes

Gantz started being rocks! to rocks pulverized... they killed all the characters, they passed the line of gore too much... i dont know .... the characters were neat and the story was good enough for me to like but i wouldnt see it more than once.

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