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I was shocked to the very idea of this series lol. An expressionless tall almost look like a delinquent manly hero writing a shoujo manga. This really surprises me Hahaha. We all know shoujo mangas are cheesy and romantic and you cannot image someone like Nozaki writing such manga. The character design are impressive

banraider banraider

When I saw the anime first in the magazine I didn't expect to be this awesome, the idea about how the manga is done is amazing, the graphics and coloring are great, but the best thing is the comedy, I almost explode from laughing especially episode 9, it was so hilarious, the only problem is in the end Sakura didn't tell Nozaki how she feel, I hate when this happened, leaving the anime incomplete, they should either make the anime 24 episode or complete it in 12 episodes now we have to wait (God know for how long) till the next season, I just hope it will be soon.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

I didn't thought that this anime will be the best show in 2014 summer, this is the best comedy anime i ever saw, the anime is hilarious, first the characters are all new, not the usual classic type personalities, and second the chibi drawing is so funny, and i always wanted an anime about how to make a manga, i draw a lot of anime pictures, and wondering about making manga, i like the anime art and style, about the development of the characters Nozaki and Sakura is so cute and they are making a perfect couple but i didn't like it in the final episode, no one confess their love, even for the side couple characters like yuzoki X wakamatsu and Kashima x horie, this must mean there is a sequel for the anime, i liked the anime very much and i want a second season for it, it would be great if it were 24 ep or more, and i like the opening theme song, it's so fit for the anime, i strongly recommend every one to watch this anime <3

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