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BossMac's Get Backers Tv Review

Rated: 10

The presentation is very well thought-of and cleanly laid out. The idea is not new but GetBackers lived up to its expectations and made the genre a little better. The transition from easy missions to much more difficult ones are clearly highlighted. The humour is instilled into each character making them very lovable in their own way. Viewers will be fighting over which character is the best. The viewing experience will make anyone tune-in up until the end. The fight scenes are very fast-paced and will appeal to action fans very much.

Overall presentation is very good. The humour is great. There is no lack of action. This anime will make you love anime even more. Very good transition from manga to TV series. An attempt that didn't fail. Good job to the creators.

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Member Opinions

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Good series to watch, funny and entertaining. Started to bore me at some part tough. But Ban is pretty cool, and the pairing Ginji x Mr. Jackal (who is the most interesting char at whole series) can be so funny that I could die xD

renlilica renlilica

I really like this anime and the idea of bringing back peoples lost things. Dr. Jackal the most a lil' like wolverine he's always calm and likes to play with others even during a fight. I also like the ability of evil eyes similar to sharingan.
All the ten gods are cool.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

MANGA ONLY: Love, LOVE, love this series and wish Tokyopop hadn't lost the license for it so I could own the complete manga collection. As it was, I had to end up reading the last few volumes online. Debated about printing out the scanlations so I'd have a complete set, but haven't done it yet. The characters drew me in, stuck around for the storyline-- and hoped and hoped for the pairings I liked to end up together.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

Interesting stories. About Ban n Ginji worked together as 'get-backering' things who r missing from its owner. They found some fun, mysterious, n difficult adventures. Ban the cool guy, Ginji the childish guy (who actually really cool when he becomes Lightning Emperor), Akabane the creepy guy, Kazuki the girly-looking guy, etc. There r so much weird and interesting characters on it.
I love Lightning Emperor Ginji soooo much than his usual idiotic n childish self. Seriously. He is so cool. Too bad he didnt appear much. -.-

kuchukuTulip kuchukuTulip

It was a really good series, I think since its a manga adapted story and the manga is pretty long it has more action and story then the series.
When watching the series the number of episodes on some topics may seems too many.

aureawolf aureawolf

Awesome art, awesome characters but the story.... *sigh* is kinda weak. There's no valid storyline (for me) that glues all the elements together, so, many of the situations make little sense. The jokes are ok and we fans get a fair dose of shounen-ai, that's cool!, but I don't think it's enough to pull this thing off.

eXDream2K5 eXDream2K5

I had to bump this one up to a 10 after having it at a 9.75 for years. It's been around forever and it's one of those titles you have to watch or read whenever you're feeling like shit because Ginji is guaranteed to do something silly to make you laugh. And trust me, it works. I finally found it after years of searching (the anime market in my city sucks) so you KNOW I'm going to be watching it!

bafyte bafyte

Nice anime. Love the story and the characters. Again needed some romance, but I guess it was still hot to see all the hot guys. ;P I wish there was a bit of yaoi in there too, but still very nice anime. Want more episodes but what can you do :D Just love it

Summer67 Summer67

Excellent: Fave Ep 40, lesson learned: don't mess with primates :D
This was one of my first series that lead to the long list of watched series to come. I'm not sure if I watched it at this point if I would rate it so highly comparing it to others but, at the time it's still one of my first loves.

oukafriend oukafriend

I love the art style. This pair of guys supposedly can get back anything a person requests. They're very strong and eventually run into some trouble with the bad guys haha. It's pretty long, but funny.


One of the best anime's I have ever watched. I like how they changed it from manga to have just a touch of bishounen to bring in the female audience.
I highly recommend this anime to people who love: attractive boys, high energy fighting and a great story line. :D

OkuniSensei OkuniSensei

Let's be honest, it's not a masterpiece. But the anime is really interesting and joyful to watch.
Our dear Get Backers are cute and wonderful men, and you'll have difficulties to remain still to Akabane :)

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