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Mai Taniyama is a typical first-year high school student with a passion for the supernatural and ghost stories. When ghost hunters from "Shibuya Psychic Research" arrive to investigate an old school building an accident results in Mai breaking equipment, injuring an assistant and in turn temporarily filling his position. This starts a permanent work relationship between Mai and Naru, the young owner of Shibuya Psychic Research, as they unravel the mysteries being laid before them in order to put involved spirits to rest.

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FNatt's Ghost Hunt Tv Review

Rated: 8

It may be because horror series (and generally horror stuff) are my favorites, or because of the simple, to the point name of it, but Ghost Hunt was one of the most enjoyable and appealing series to me.
I watched it on the dvd-player so I there was plenty of space for me to get under the blanket, close my eyes and sing some Mika with my ears plugged when I got scared. Just kidding :)) it wasn't that scary. OR...was it? O.O
I appreciated the fact that there were no "classic-sucky-style ghosts". You know, those white silhouettes that looked like my grandma with a white sheet covering her. They portrayed poltergeists, ghost-dogs, restless spirits, a possessed doll and all that stuff in a way that you could tell was fantasy, but wasn't that far from reality either.

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Member Opinions

LenoreDiKaat LenoreDiKaat

My all-time favorite! This anime has a LOT to offer the viewer starting from some ridiculously scary stories. If you don't look over your shoulder several times while watching this, then there's something wrong with you, because this series will make you start hearing noises and seeing things that are not really there. A must watch for the horror lovers! I specially recommend the 'The Blood-stained Labyrinth' and 'The Doll House' cases (4 episodes each).

pikachu36 pikachu36

This series Had a good idea going put honestly it was way too damn repetitive. I lost interest so many times, but since I was mostly done with it I finished it, still though nothing worth watching.....

Blue-Crescent Blue-Crescent

Well, Ghost Hunt for me is a total package. The art is great, the plot is thought-provoking and the characters are just simply amazing. What I love about this anime is the idea of joining people from different walks of life and different religious sects to accomplish a common goal and that is to hunt ghosts and solve the mysteries for every file.It's good because the characters are able to set aside their differences and respect one another. They even become a great team wielding a variety of exorcising powers as each character does her/his share. The plot has unimaginable and surprising twists and it always bring me to the edge of my seat. I find it scary yet a very good recommendation to all anime lovers who's has an eye for quality horror and para psychological genres in anime. The soundtracks are cool and they really fit to the theme of the anime. It also shares a vast knowledge over various paranormal phenomena and I appreciate Fuyumi Ono for digging so much and knowing her history to thoroughly explain the mystery behind each file and giving conclusions that are really interesting. To sum it all up, Ghost Hunt was able to make me want to look for horror anime and even research other Fuyumi Ono's works.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

I loved it from start to end. The stories are great and they do scare the hell outta you (especially if you decide to watch it in the middle of the night with the lights off). It's a great anime to watch if you like horror stories and supernatural stuff, it makes you look over your shoulder a few times when you're watching it. The downside is that they only made 25 episodes and each story is divided in 3-4 parts, so there are only like 4-5 stories.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Great paranormal anime, sometimes really frightening, but without using violence. The main characters are Kazuya Shibuya, a ghost hunter who uses the most modern technologies to solve problems related to spirits, and Mai, a girl who acts as his assistant; other characters revolve around them, forming a very good team. There isn't a main story in the anime: it's composed by eight stories, lasting 3-4 episodes each one, unrelated to each other, that test the abilities of the characters in many different situations. The stories are well designed and have different solutions. The atmosphere is very convincing, the tension can be touched, even the music is perfect and contributes in creating the right mood.

MAI TANIYAMA: "What the hell is pride worth if you have somebody else protect it for you, anyway?"

singlemoon singlemoon

One of my all time favorite supernatural anime. It have a cliff-hanged ending and I was hoping for more Ghost Hunt episode. D:
But overall, it's a great anime, and I really enjoy the whole thing. The graphic was so so, but sometimes I can overlook graphic if the story was great.
I've finished the manga, but rumor has it that there's to be more Ghost hunt manga episodes, I don't know that for sure, but I had the feeling that if I want to know the full story, I just had to get my hands on the novel.


I have LOVED this show. it will be my top fav for a very long time if not forever. It is perfect to me.(although the animation can be a bit cheap looking since it was low-budget but it's still amazing) I highly rec it. I really do. My only disappointment was there not being any bloopers on the complete series DVD set ;~;

kuchukuTulip kuchukuTulip

Since i am the kind of a person who loves ghost investigations etc, i really loved the series and thought it was pretty cool and really well made. The art and sound effects were good. I loved the story and at the pace at which the story and cases moved was good too, i never got bored while watching it nor did i think everything went by too fast.

Summer67 Summer67

Great : This show was funny, interesting, and informative as well. I like things supernatural and paranormal, so I was very interested to watch this and it didn't disappoint me. The characters were all great in their own way, and there would sometimes be a little chaos and humor between all the different types of 'mediums'. I'm sure that this series will get a re-watch one day so that I can take in anything I might have missed before.

bafyte bafyte

Very good story and even made me shiver sometimes. Again, needed more romance, since it looked like there will be some, but there wasn't. T_T I really did want some more of it since the guy was so sexy and totally my type :P but sometimes too stuborn...

haruhisuoh8 haruhisuoh8

Me encanta este anime! el suspenso, el misterio y el horror estan muy bien mezclados =D quizas le falto un poco mas de desarrollo a la trama porque la novelas son mas interesantes y completas, pero en s

chiara chiara

One of the few really good ones for horror and mystery. I like the mix of different practicalities to deal with ghost-related cases. A monk, a priest/exorcist, a medium, a miko and with science. The ghost cases itself cover the usual and common phenomena like dolls, poltergeister, possesions, lingering spirits but aren't stereotypical presented and create a nice horror atmosphere. I would have liked to be provided with more background info about one protagonist (Kazuya Shibuya/Naru) and also be able to watch the last arc from the manga in animation. For horror and mystery fans definitely a must watch. For ones with weak nerves I recommend not watching in the dark ;)

Aiira Aiira

This anime live up to it's anime. It wasn't the dull and boring chasing the ghost anime. It was to the point of scarring it's audiences. Great anime and character development. The secrets of each character were slowly disclosed to its audience starting with Mai. My favorite arc would be 'The Doll House, The Bloodstained Labyrinth and The Cursed House'. The ending was pretty crappy, I did not expect an ending like that, when the anime was just pure awesomeness from the beginning and somewhere near the end. Other than that, a must watched anime.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

A very awesome anime. I really like the mystery around the cases. It wasn't that scary (for me) but I have to admit there are some creepy cases that will surprise you. I didn't know why though I just laughed when Urado and Mai came face to face when I'm supposed to be surprised. I want more and I'll be reading the manga or light novel soon. I want to know the secret between Gene and Noll. The opening and ending could have been better.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Gets off to a slow start, but really takes off afterwards. My favorite "files" would be "The Bloody Labyrinth" and "Silent Christmas". Not recommended to be watched alone and/or late at night. This is another series in which the anime does not cover the entirety of the novels. This series would greatly benefit from a second season.

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