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rosenqueen99 rosenqueen99

This anime is definitely one of the best out there because of it's relaxing and hilarious theme and characters. The pacing and character developments are also good, i just can't stop watching this anime and i hope it gets another season if they ever finish the manga :)

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I wanted to have a new anime to pick up, preferrably a funny one and after a few suggestions and seeing in how acclaimed this was, decided to pick it up. Never read the source material. A pretty unique anime given that it's about farming. Hachiken is very funny. ^^ Hilarious so far and the character development is really good. :) The calf chewing on Hachiken's pants was so cute ^^

Suxinn Suxinn

/anime & manga/ Arakawa is a genius. A series that manages to be so utterly charming and relatable that there's really not much I can say about it, other than: I think I might like this even more than FMA, oops. (The anime adaptation isn't bad either.)

CaptainCurryCat CaptainCurryCat

Himoru Arakawa is probably my favorite manga artist ever. I really loved her past work, like Fullmetal Alchemist and Demons of Shangai, and her latest manga does NOT disappoint. Good characters are obviously everything to me, and with such a character-heavy series they certainly don't disappoint in Silver Spoon. Hachiken in particular is unique and complex, having to go through trials in his life that I don't often see occur in a lot of manga. The entire CAST in fact is very rich, funny, and entertaining. Plus it's always neat learning about working with animals on the side! Who knew a series about farming could be so much fun?

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