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Ephemeral-Garden's Ginban Kaleidoscope Tv Review

Rated: 6

The overall presentation was not really that good, but the ending was touching though, although the actual story did not end there. The story is a little cheesy, and it seems like what we can only see in Ginban Kaleidoscope is Tazusa skating around and firing at the medias. Character development is not strong enough, I mean, from all the previous episodes right up to the later ones, it does not actually look like they have any improvement in their relationship. Plus Tazusa looks like a very defensive girl.

Overall, the presentation is not that interesting and satisfying. I'd choose the 12-episode Kamisama Kazoku over Ginban Kaleidoscope. Well, that is just my opinion on this anime.

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Member Opinions

renlilica renlilica

I really like the anime I was drawn to it from the start. There is comedy romance and the best thing is that it is clean and is a tragedy.
I guess people who checks my watchlist must be take a back by the length I write.
So, Just watch it it's only 13 episodes and it's worth the watch

singlemoon singlemoon

The idea was pretty original, and I enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed an afternoon nap.
It's pretty sad, knowing about Pete and watching the ending. Lots of funny moment and the graphic was good, somehow no one is handsomer than Pete in this series...XD

Aiira Aiira

I watched this anime because of the Pete the Canadian Ghost and must help a certain Ice Skater to pass on the next life or be stuck on Earth without any purpose thus he choose the first option which was easier than done. Sakurano was harder to understand and persuade than any other Ice Skater. The summary was good enough for me to pulled and actually watch the anime, although the anime was a bit of a disappointment since it was too short and the character development wasn't really good. Overall the anime was Good. :D

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Interesting romantic story. It's a shame he's not around any more.
The heroine's struggle to make great performance in figure skating always brings smile to my face, especially in the last episode, it's entertaining. :D
Well, I certainly recommend this anime for those of you who like to have a new kind of sport-romance anime to watch. :D

lkmjr lkmjr

Fun, sweet story. Pete is adorable. Gets its facts on ice skating right, surprisingly. Cute romance with a ice skating theme. Rather sad ending. Skating routines are fun to watch, but the art and animation is unfortunately bad, very prone to QUALITY and going off-model, which is especially odd for a series made in 2004. Characters are pretty good, not exceptional.


very realistic and sweet anime. though it would be perfect if the two ended up together, as many ppl complain, i actually don't find the ending that bad, cos it's life and not everything is gonna be perfect. it's cool how the opening scene was actually the end...

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