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Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurais are no longer needed. To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place... and to pay their rent.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Hilarious! Definitely one of my faves. Gintoki is awesome. Kagura is so funny, she's like a mini Gintoki and Shinpachi's funny when he gets ticked off. I like Kamui too. Sougo and Hijikata are also pretty funny characters. I also like the fights in this series. I would like to see more of Takasugi. Umibozu is also pretty funny & badass. The series has just an awesome way of combining seriousness, drama and just straight up hilarity. And while it is a comedy show at heart, Gintama has a really nice way of making all of its characters matter.

Greatness returned with the 2015 season \o/
And the greatness returns yet again in 2017 \o/

Alenas Alenas

Have been recommended this by a friend and admittedly, the first episode made me gawk at it in wonder and question the whole "It's so awesome, watch it!" comment I've been getting. I mean - aliens invading Edo? Wut? But then I gave it a shot and after a few more episodes, I was hooked. Gintama has an interesting blend of parody (which it uses to its max), humor and craziness, but also drama, suspense and enough feels and serious stuff to actually enjoy the premise of a samurai era in the show. Plus, Gintoki is awesome, Kagura even more so and Glasses...well, Glasses have Shinpachi. What's not to like~


I just can't stop rewatching this anime, over and over and over again. I have never gotten tired of rewatching it, after all these years. I love all the characters, how their sense of humor and story. This may actually be my all time favorite anime.

Marvolo Marvolo

How come that a comedy series tells far more touching stories than things considered as dramas? How come current chapters are one of the most trilling, interesting and dynamic in whole WSJ?

And that fucking plot twist!


At first I thought it was boring but as soon as Ive watch a couple of episodes I started to love it. A very funny, hilarious, action packed, and sometimes drama(sometimes only) . This anime is very awesome, I love the randomness, and the sense of humor. I also love when the 3 main characters fight for food, its very funny. Worthwatching, Highly recommended.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

funny. so random and contains just about everything. this guy I had a crush on suggested this to me, showed me about strawberry milk and sort of got hooked on it. food, random, fighting, reminded me, somewhat, of a long running trigun. I've actually seen all this anime and patiently waiting to obtain season two


For me this is the best anime ever. It is hilarious and yet can be action-packed and touching at times. The only anime where every character is not an 'extra', every one of them has a 'presence' (yes, even Shinpachi) that make them distinct and enjoyable. A nice anime to watch when I'm rewinding after a stressful day. Yorozuya Gin-chan is the best!

Aiira Aiira

Quite a funny anime :D with all the intentional marketing of animes and the unrivaled humor ;) its really entertaining to see how the whole anime revolves around Gintoki but the anime gives a good vibe where all characters make a difference. It's an amazing show to watch ;) Elizabeth-san! XD

kuryuki kuryuki

Definitely one of my all time faves *u*
this is mainly comedy based and provides a nice relaxation.
it's easy to follow the story even without watching all of the episodes
and though there are lots of random episodes
the arcs from time to time are really good too xD

i recommend this so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Etlens Etlens

Dunno, maybe because it's so funny (in amazing way i guess)...and really I wonder that i was the first serie that I didn't really care about the plot, what plot?...I mean only to see Gin-san around makes me happy, see how the people attached on himself it's pretty interesting.

Gintama is funny, interesting...and it has some serious moments (can i add angst chaps too?) that catch your mind.

So hope more people watch this anime.

Valuna Valuna

Best show for laughs, ever. Gintama is a comedy show, which you would say it's similair to a sit-com like Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park. The series doesn't involve a lot of the main story progression with so many episodes. You would say that the series isn't interesting enough. But listen to this, aside from that it doesn't have much progression of the main story, the series does involve a lot of side stories that introduce new characters. There are a lot of mini-series of 2 episodes, the arcs which start around episode 55 have story progression. Every episode is unique to it's own, and nothing is able to be compared to this series since even the creator portrays himself like a gorilla, just like every other mangaka there is. THEY ARE ALL GORILLAS! It's a very funny and enjoyable series. The jokes don't require a lot of information on the outside for the parodies. They're already funny without them. It's definitely not your typical old Edo historical anime about the Dark Ages (Shinsengumi Period). It's been tuned up to the maximum!

aIshiRoi aIshiRoi

i've already watched almost half of it but i can already give it a 9.5! the weird, funny episodes then action-thrill packed one made me love this anime! add the dumb episodes as well. but still, the story is there. ;3

ItachiGaiden ItachiGaiden

Gintama is an amazing blend of different brands of comedy combined with solid arcs, lovable characters, and an attractive art style. Highly recommended. However, a taste for random gags and anime references will heighten the experience.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Well, heck, it's one of the best show ever and I just found out about it like in last year!!! *is shot*
Haha~ I haven't seen all the episode, but worry not, I'm planning on watching it.
I encountered this series first by its manga, and I couldn't get enough of it. But then OneManga is no longer operating and Gintama was licensed. D:
*planning on tracking the manga down*

ghost945 ghost945

The Best. king of all animes. The most memorable to date. Story follows history and then deviated to all creative and innovative, completely mocking history at times. in fact, it mocks everything from history, politics (old and modern), other anime or manga, manga artists, seiyuu themselves, the editors and artists behind gintama, everyday events and anything you may think of. Characters are hailirious. Seiyuu casts very very well done, to the point i want to worship them.

Highly anticipating Season 2 which is already showing.

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