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Kaho1440 Kaho1440

Well, it's the second manga of Hiwatari Saki which I've read. The first is Boku o Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari a.k.a. The Moonlight that Surrounds Me. I know this manga from an advertisement in my another manga book. I was interested with the artwork (it was the cover of its first volume).
When I finally had time to read it online, I was confused with its opening and closed the tab of my browser. A few days ago, I was curious to read it and I regretted my wrong doing in the past.
The synopsis that I had was the main heroine was supposed to pretend being a boy and meet a time traveler, than what is the relation with Einstein has atomic bomb?
After I continued reading, I began to grasped the story. The synopsis was not wrong. It's exactly what it says. The story is quite original, I think. There are a lot of gender-bender manga out there, but there are not many mentioning a girl almost became a boy GENETICALLY. The other interesting part is how Hiwatari Saki-sensei combined sci-fi and supernatural into one story. Both genre usually have to be parted.
Alright, the artwork..., Hiwatari-sensei has developed a lot. Her artwork is so beautiful. I was amazed with her Urd-Verdandi-Skuld. I completely agree with Hikaru that she was very beautiful. The face of the characters sometimes looked weird, but I take it as her trademark.
I fell in love with the lead hero, Hikaru. He was innocent yet mature. His expression when Ruika came was priceless. He can also become a figure of father for Robin (not to mention who got the role of mother figure). Now, Ruika and Hikaru got a place in my heart as one of the sweetest couple, besides Takiko-Uruki.

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