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Z827's God Eater Game Review

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Gods Eater Burst
Despite the unstable flow of the general storyline - Gods Eater has featured a unique "structure" which serves as the foundation of the plot and a cast of characters whom you can't help but fall for.
Whilst it's not exactly perfectly made - the strengths of this game is great enough for one to overlook it's faults.
You'd be looking at this game like an uncle surveying his favorite nephew.
Still , admittedly , the game have it's repetitive moments and like I said , the flow of the story as a whole isn't wonderfully done.
Either way , it's a game with both significant strengths and equally significant flaws.

Overall ( Others )

What this game needs is a wider variety of monsters.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

This series turned out pretty average for me; I didn't like the animation of the TV anime and there was too much hack and slash battles going on and a severe lack of strategy on part of the characters when it came to their fight against the Aragami. I would've liked to see more development for Johannes von Schicksal and Paylor Sakaki's characters, especially when it comes to their philosophies that was never fully explored. This series was a little too heavy on the CGI where it looked tacky and overall this series was ufotable's weakest series they've adapted.

Emeralis Emeralis

It had a similar concept to Attack on Titan, humans fighting for survival against large monsters except this was a futuristic setting. I really liked learning more about their research and the history of Alisa but found it hard to grow fond of the characters.

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