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kuro115b kuro115b

well....at first I like how the story go! but in the middle, it turn to be complicated...too much thing I don't understand and it began to make me question a lot of things! ugh...my head is spinning around when watching it! But a least the ending was quite good after quite parrarel story and too much amnesia (it makes things complicated and back to start)
but if you like romance story and a turn-around base plot story, watch this cause it teach you a lot of things!

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

At first when i hear about golden times, i said it must be a beautiful anime because it's by JC stuff and i saw the first episode, i liked the coloring of course, the drawing, even the story it's very nice (though it's very predictable, i predict it since the very beginning) any way what i didn't like is the characters, i only watched it because of Kouko Kaga, she is beautiful ok, but i don't like her personality much, and i find 2D kun comment is very funny, other than this two characters i hate all the other especially Linda, oh she makes me nervous !! and i hate Oka, Mitsou, and Banri, and i find their relation ship is weak, just in collage and then everyone has his own life, the anime doesn't need to be that long 24 episodes ??!! for what, just repeating what happened every time, i really almost sleep, it suppose to be a 12 ep only, even the comedy is reduced in the latest episodes, so why bothering just make the anime shorter and finish it quickly instead of all blabbing and all this filling just to get an 24 min of ep, i won't rate more than 5, i was disappointed, i expected more from JC stuff.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

A romantic comedy. Seems like it's a genre of anime J.C Staff is better at handling among all the others. I thought it was funny how Banri and Mitsuo met, both because they were lost and decided to follow a pair of girls who knew where they were going, at least more than the boys did anyway xD And Kouko's just suddenly appearing was so out of nowhere, but very funny. And hearing Mitsuo describe Kouko was hilarious, even more so when all that time she was sitting right behind them. xD Chinami is very perky and friendly. The ED sounds good.

Though I have to say, this series let me down, but it was only in one aspect: our main characters.
Comedy was good, even with Banri. But it felt like the side characters ended up more likeable by the end of the series. Something about Banri's complete "I'm gonna roll over and do whatever she wants because my gf is pushy, but I won't admit that, I'll just say its part of her charm." was painful to watch because there was at least one other option for him in terms of a relationship, if J.C. Staff decided to go down that route. Koko: By the end of the series she never really changed. The only thing that did was that she was able to stop acting like such a bitch to Chinami. But for more of the series she flipped between, looking down on other characters (the beginning), clingy and overly sweet, then she'd turn it all and go well this is apparently too heavy for you so I'm cutting this off, ALL the while crying/feeling bad secretly and feeling wanting "pity", then denying it all together, slapping on that smile and bubbly attitude (all while having an undertone of snotty.) Always flipping attitudes seemingly at a moments notice. 1 minutes she's this, the next minute she's that, all the while never noticing how much her supposed "boyfriend" is going through and not making too big of an attempt to help. Linda and Nana were more of a help to Banri than she was and their NOT dating him. Sad because by the end of it I found myself wishing they had never gotten back together.

evilxangel evilxangel

The time has come again for one of the best love comedies to be animated. Set in realistic situations in college life. Truly beautiful animation and entertaining characters. Every episode is hilarious. But it all comes to how they will end it. I have great expectations of this anime!

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