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Gosick was originally a Japanese light novel series by Kazuki Sakuraba. Set in a fictional European country in 1924, the story is centered around two young students named Victorique and Kazuya.

Victorique is a mysterious, brilliant girl who only leaves the library to sleep. Hidden from the outside world by her family since birth, Victorique is as physically and emotionally small and fragile as her brain is huge and complex.
As the third son of an Imperial soldier of Japan, Kazuya has always lived in the shadow of his father and his brothers, wondering if he will ever have enough strength and muster to protect anyone.

Kazuya relies on Victorique's mind to solve difficult mysteries. Kazuya has to keep both of them alive long enough to solve the mysteries and present the solution to the authorities.

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Weskalia's Gosick Tv Review

Rated: 9

As a pretty diversion, you can enjoy Gosick without hesitation. To think that Gosick isn't a great mystery series because it debuts with Victorique clears the first murder of the series too quickly could jeopardize its own merit. Still, nearly every episode features its own mystery story and folklore, too, and a classic one at that, but it is still cast within the overall context of a larger story. In addition to being cute as a button, Victorique also has an immediate and adorable rapport with the hapless, though not helpless, Kazuya, who in turn provides a light counterpoint to the often grim events surrounding them.

The sleuthing is ultimately a sideshow though. Gosick is a thriller at heart, and thrill it does.

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Member Opinions

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Mystery, with a bizarre protagonist and a plot that is a bit pretentious, where some good stories get lost, wasted in unnecessary frills, with characters not interesting at all. It gets particularly on my nerves Kujo that goes around the whole academy screaming “Victorika!” (because that is how the french Victorique is read, apparently) at least ten times in each episode. And, of course, Victorique is strange, as the duty of every self-respecting hero. Even the setting is not that good: the academy is very cold and all the buildings are excessively large and isolated in the midst of huge empty meadows. I was not particularly impressed with the musics, and in general, saving some parts of the plot quite interesting, everything is pretty mediocre.

VICTORIQUE DE BLOIS: “If you’re a gentleman, maybe I’m a goddess.”

evilxangel evilxangel

I really like the animation of this anime.The story was full of thrills it was really good.Near the ending episodes many unexpected things happened.The ending went out of what I thought it would be and it was beautiful. I love the Victorian times and their clothes.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

I liked this anime because of the heroine, Victorique, who's a female version of Sherlock Holmes. I also liked that the anime is set in the Victorian era, which I love, and that heroine is a bookworm <3 I guess you could say this anime has a little bit of horror mixed in, since the heroine and friend spend their days solving crimes and mysteries. I recommend it a lot if you like the mystery and horror genre. I haven't finished watching it so my rating might change later ^.~

Miss-chan Miss-chan

intelligent and clean, without much stalling on the cases. The story is told in 1924, so the animators did a wonderful thing with the wardrobe, making awesome clothes for the characters. Victorique is an epic character, and around her a lot of mystery is involved, especially when there are a large number of deaths of minor characters on the story, but she remains fully rational. But then she doed have her childish and cute moments a little bit too often around Kujo, so it looks like a light romance novel. Anyways, the story goes in deep in her and we see some of the solved cases intertwined, and from mystery, the plot develops to drama and action, with a surprising ending. I loved so much the first case, that I raised my expectations too high, making the rest of the story kind of lame, but that was my problem, cause if you analyze it really well, for the mystery lovers, the story was flawless.

chiara chiara

A very nice version from the ever famous detective duo watson&holmes in the main roles a Japanese transfer student and a highly intelligent but clumsy at normal things, blond, fairy-like loli girl living in the library of a private school with a preference for sweets and always searching for mysteries to solve to relieve her boredom. I don't know why the Japaneses seem to invent European countries which aren't existing but the criminal cases are interesting and take place in the early twentys of the 20th century. I'm glad to see again a nice detective story with funny characters and their own peculiarities.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I like the interactions between Victorique and Kazuya Kujo. Even though Victorique can act childlike at times. Including her fondness of sweets and being inwardly jealous when Kazuya spends a lot of time with Avril. Avril is a character I saw coming, since she is there as a rival for Victorique. Even so, I don't really care too much for Avril at all. I enjoy Brian Roscoe a.k.a Leviathan, though I was quite confused when I saw that there were two of them, moreso that they were twins and I did guess that one of the twins would have an somewhat too deep of an attachment to Cordelia due to circumstances early in their life. The Alchemy aspect mae things very interesting. I also really love the ending themes Resuscitated Hope and Unity^^ The battle between Cordelia and the Marquis was pretty good. I didn't expect it. It also made me sad that Cordelia died. Though the Marquis was a really twisted character, didn't like him at all. I thought the ending was so cute^^ I liked that Kujo made it back to Victorique, proving that he stuck to his vow of not allowing them to be separated. Though I didn't think Victorique's hair would turn silver. I thought this was an interesting series that had some cute and funny moments.

KitanaSama KitanaSama

Victoriqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Ultra MOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Super, Mega, Ultra, Blaster, Master Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
Ah! O kazuya também é fofo! Mas a Victorique é beeeeem mais! Deu até vontade de trocar o meu avatar da Arashi por um dela! Só não troquei porque estou com preguiça agora. O que eu não gostei foi o repentino aparecimento de outro Brian Roscou. Desculpe mas não consegui engolir aquela aparição repentina do irmão gêmeo que não gostava da nossa muito querida, amada, idolatrada, salve-salve Victorique! Olha, Gosick o plot dele é mediano mas... Victorique me conquistou então... dane-se o plot! Victorique é muito Kawai! As caras e bocas que ela faz compensam isso. Dos animes que eu tenho visto e dos mangas que eu tenho ligo a personagem feminina que mais me cativou atualmente é a Victorique, sem duvida! Nota 9 por causa da fofura da Victorique!

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Mmm, years around 1920 are just perfect choise... These outfits and sceneries of cities and landscapes are just beautiful and mysterious. The plot is wise, its well balanced in focusing on serious investigations as well as on development of relationships between main characters with light and funny moments. The music is nice and suitable. Getting complicated sometimes, but everything built one whole thing in the end. Don't need to add that graphics are outstanding.. Great show.

andy4andain andy4andain

First of all,the main character,Victorique, is really cute! <33 That Gray Wolf really knows how to solve mysteries!Her mother looks exactly like her!This anime has lots of mysteries in it,and I really enjoyed it! <3 Victorique likes to eat sweets,of course,brought by Kazuya.She has a sharp tongue and eccentric attitude,but she possesses amazing detective skills!I like her attitude when she's in full boredom :3 In the end, after the war, she is together again with Kazuya <3

lyllevelt lyllevelt

Gosick is a very well made anime, filled with mystery. Victorique (Victorica) is petite bisque-like doll beauty, with smarts like Sherlock Holmes... and like Sherlock, Kujo is her Watson. However here, Victorique is destined to love Kujo who free's her not just from her library tower but free her heart from the cold shackles placed on it due to her childhood imprisoment. The artwork is good and the story will make you addicted to this series till its final episode.

bafyte bafyte

Personally, I think this is the most amazing romance story between two people, who no matter what happens will always trust and believe in each other. Totally forth watching. I recommend. Loved everything about it. It was funny, romantic, interesing, and got me thinking about stuff. One of the best!

randomly--random randomly--random

GOSICK is a Winter 2011 anime and being a 2-cour anime, it ended together with the Spring 2011 animes. Story-wise, I believe that GOSICK made a good impression since its first episode. The story itself is good enough most especially for those who like mystery type of animes. The side comedies by Victorique is definitely good which makes this anime more enjoyable to watch(: As for the ending, I have to say that it's definitely outstanding. Honestly speaking, it made me tear up because of happiness for both Victorique and Kujo. Character-wise, Victorique is definitely one of the most interesting characters ever. Her serious comedy definitely blends well with her ability to reconstruct any puzzles. Kujo, on the other hand, is a pretty neat character. He's typical yet I find him as the typical hero and nothing special at all. Music-wise, the background music definitely fits the story well but personally not very outstanding. As for the seiyuus, I definitely like Yuuki, Aoi as Victorique de Blois. She played Victoque very well. As for the amateur seiyuu who played Kazuya Kujou, Eguchi Takuya, it seems that many fans simply got annoyed with his voice as Kujo calling for Victorique. Personally, I don't think it's anything to be annoyed at yet I'm not saying that I like voice as well. Actually, I didn't care about his voice at all since I find it too typical. Now for the OP and ED, both are definitely outstanding. The OP and both EDs fit the theme and setting of the anime very well. Art-wise, Bones definitely made a good job with GOSICK. The outstanding character designs and setting are very well made and they really fit the setting of the anime. Overall, GOSICK is an anime worth watching and is definitely recommended for those who like mystery and historical type of animes.

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

Perfect! my favorite anime this year! Of course it have a fiction story but with every genre! Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Drama,School life, History+legend+alchemist... some thing it was crazy :D The design of the anime was beautiful too. Maybe the main charas kujo and victoria looks too young, like childern, so I don't feel love so much, but the end was full love :D
Oh, the end was so sad! I was cryind, I expected tragody but no it was a happy end!! I was so happy!! + they (kujo + victoria) got married!!! with a kiss should be more perfect! But people can't have everything :)

ilufa ilufa

I started to see this anime because of the art. The scenarios were great and Victorique looked so cute with his Lolita dresses!
But the story really surprised me. It's excelent. The lovers of Sherlock Holmes and the ones who love complex mysteries will be delighted watching this anime. Beside the main story, I also loved the ghost tales and the thunderstruck places that were shown to us through the episodes. One of my favourite animes without a doubt!

Summer67 Summer67

Loved it! I read where some subbers dropped this series early on as it didn't seem to get the views or they didn't think it was going to be all that great, but I followed it through until the end and rather enjoyed it.
I really loved the victorian era that was portrayed in the story, and the differences between the two main characters. I admit it was a bit slow going at the beginning and they were slow to expose the main plot, but once things started to get going, the little mysteries about the show were leaked here and there. Overall the series was great.

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