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aozoraskies aozoraskies

Concept sounds interesting, new girl in school, likes Goth and Sports, wants to do both. Pilot chapter falls into the same traps Western cartoons do though, setting up the main character to be perfect (smart, an athlete, instantly popular in class and too nice) with the convenient ooh-old-classmate, and an instant antagonist (bitter, mocking, 'bullying', basketball top gun). I don't quite FEEL like continuing with the classroom scene pages... *flips* Character designs are nice enough, but scenes with emotions aren't pulled off all too well.. *one-on-one match* How did she get away with such a clear foul? :S Only good bit was the 'embarrassing' scene.

It's a shoujo trying to do sports. :s I'll just stick with I'll - Generation Basket; far more convincing. Can't really stand the convenient plotbunnies, urgh.

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