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Shuichi Shindou is the 19-year-old singer in his band Bad Luck. Work has been tough, but Shuichi will do whatever it takes to become a great musician. One fateful night, the lyrics to his new song are blown in the wind. A popular romance novelist, Yuki Eiri, catches the lyrics and calls it "trash".

Shuichi demands an apology after finding him the next day. One thing leads to another, and Shuichi finds himself madly in love with Yuki. Eiri tries to get Shuichi to leave him alone, but it doesn't seem to be working. Shindou is very persistent, but Yuki does not want to start another relationship and repeat the same mistake that happened long ago. Can the love between Shuichi and Yuki blossom, or will the two be separated?

Credit: daos

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Daos' Gravitation Tv Review

Rated: 9

Pretty good anime, very hilarious to watch.
"I saw kids who were harassing a turtle, so I had to help it and that's why I was late!"

The only problem with romance comedies is that the atmostphere starts out nice and pleasant, but tends to get heavier and more serious as the realtionship blossomed. This is exactly what happened in this anime, but I suppose you can't blame the creator after what Shuichi and Yuki have been through.
Now, to talk about the relationship itself. Yuki is the dark kind of person, and Shuichi is the light happy one. I've seen these two very opposite kind of people get together before in anime such as Naruto in the love triangle.

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Member Opinions

aureawolf aureawolf

I know that Murakami-sensei must be quite an institution already, but I never liked Gravitation. I first read the manga, which didn't convince me for two main reasons: 1) Shuichi was crazy (not in the way I like); he's loud, contradictious, whiny, needy... ugh! and 2) the fact that both Eiri and Shuichi had to hurt each other to "prove" their love. I don't know, the way I see it, being gay in this homophobic world is still hard enough to, in addition, teach people around the false idea of them only growing sick relationships.
The anime was too fast, with too many loose ends and very little coherence.

Glukogen Glukogen

I can say honesty - I am not fan of yaoi. It the most often annoying me. But this story is quite nice, although not more .. Some characters are interesting well as situations happening with them. There were facts that made ​​me smile. But my opinion - the story ended too rapidly

eXDream2K5 eXDream2K5

This was my first yaoi series. I absolutely adored the manga, and thank goodness the anime exists, because hearing the songs mentioned in the manga was amazing. As per typical of most titles, the manga is way better. The music is the only thing that truly makes the anime adaption worthwhile.

bafyte bafyte

Sooo romantic. Loved it. One of the best yaoi stories out there. Watched it I think like 10 times and it's still one of the best. I will never get tired of it. It just rocks. I love both of the guys, and also, I love music and so this anime was even more amazing since there was music in it :D

Summer67 Summer67

Very Good: Yes, this was comical, plus having some decent music helped with me liking this one a lot. If memor serves me right, this was the second type of shounen ai type series that I watched and found myself enjoying more the interactions between the uke and semi characters. Though at that time I still didn't understand those terms lol

duhqueenmoki duhqueenmoki

Cute but slow series. Overall good though. I watched this before I was really into yaoi and I still enjoyed it, so I think if you're not a big yaoi fan you'd still be ok with it. Anyways, it was really funny but filled with some angst that made it also exciting. Other than that though it was a typical lovestory with someone who's outgoing and stupid who gets together with someone classy and mysterious. Anyways, why is it the authors that are always rich in Japan? Do mnaga artists all have an inner desire to be rich? I mean, to the point of eneding to write about someone who DOES?

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

This is one of the first yaoi anime i have seen and read. It was mainly based on music. I've listened to the music and liked it. This got me into Japanese music which i never before considered if it weren't for all these anime i've watched.


My almost first, really second Shounen-Ai.

I loved it! The music, the characters, the silliness, the really serious moments. I loved Yuki's seriousness and Shuichi's cheerfulness, they were so different and yet they loved so much. It was hard for them, there were bad moments, but they made it. So romantic

A 'must see' anime.

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

Gravitation obviously were one of those series with Shonen-Ai, a little with the good Yaoi which is ok with me. The characters were hilarious and great, art is nice and the animation was nicely done. The plot was alright, there were times where I felt like punching Eiri Yuki because he was always mean to Shuichi. But it all ended nice. I was also expecting more of the Yaoi Goodness...but it was a good series.

ShannaxZala ShannaxZala

This is most people's first Shounen-Ai anime, yes? It was my second (Loveless was my first) It was a very good anime, I liked it quite a bit. Actually, I had absolutely no problem with the story at all. A cute singer and a sexy author dating? I just thought that was a very nice combination. No, it also wasn't the voices and most certainly not the songs in the series. In fact, I love the songs. It's some of the characters. Yes, some of them I hated. I don't hate some, but there are only a few I actually like. (Tohma is one character in particular that I dislike) Otherwise, this is an amazing series worth my respect.
Like most girls, their favourite is usually Yuki or Hiroshi for sexy boys.
My favourite is Yuki, though~

TheBloodStains TheBloodStains

Gravtation was my very first shouen ai series and I still like it. The couple in it are cute in a funny way ^^;
but yeah the story pretty cute the main guy wants to a jpop star with his best friend he such a girl xD and his voice is awsome. I love the music in it alot really cathcy songs my favorite was deffiantly Shiny Collection (I know gay name T_T)


This anime is so awesome...i think if you were gay, you will like the anime from the very beginning till end! this anime is so wondefull and besides its soundtracks are soo emotive, for instance "Glaring dream", it will make you cry happy tears!!!

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