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Onizuka, age 22 ex-biker gang leader, one day decides to become the greatest teacher in the world. There happens to be several problems with this however: One, Onziuka is a loud mouthed, crude, foul mouthed lecher; and Two, he has basically no teaching credentials. However the head of a private academy has a problem with a class causing every single home room teacher to quit and hires Onizuka to teach because of his unique style. While not being a very good teacher for regular subjects (what teacher wears a elephant head to class or paints graffiti on the walls?!), Onizuka is a great at teaching about real life and as the anime progresses he deals with different problems that the students have in comedic and interesting ways.

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BossMac's Great Teacher Onizuka Tv Review

Rated: 8

I've seen this show like 4 times and in my humble opinion, I've enjoyed it every time. Ignoring the horrors of the non-original dubs, this show certainly makes you want to see it over again. I'm not sure... maybe its just the great story, the non-stop comedy, or the drama... GTO really pulls you in with its bringings and makes you want more.

Some might not be turned on by Onizuka's antics. They say its too childish, tasteless and such. If Onizuka heard that, he'd plant those people on their heads. Yeah Onizuka likes to do the Middle Finger Salute frequently, get drunk, and then peep on girls, but that's just him. Its his character. And that makes him original. And I clearly believed that'd stray away from the main plot of the show.

Ok that wraps it up for this one.

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Member Opinions

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Eikichi Onizuka, an ex-hoodlum in a famous motorcycle gang, decides to become a teacher and has to deal with a class of terrible students, determined to oust him from the school. A very simple story and yet not boring at all. G.T.O. manages to entertain until the end without being trite or predictable, thanks to the original hero and all his absurd ideas. All the characters in the series are well characterized and grow during the story, although remaining coherent to themselves. Funny, crazy, a must see.

URUMI KANZAKI: "Genie of the Lamp, now I wish that my homeroom teacher skips the boring social studies class and take me out for a serving of high-quality tuna sushi!"

Glukogen Glukogen

My thoughts after the first series - "there will be a lot of Ichi, the fan-service and vulgar humor." Yes, I had no idea then that this anime would be my favorite comedy. The very situation that the bully's dream of becoming a teacher has come true is already fun. I at first time of my life had to press pause, just to stop laughing. On the other hand in the anime also raises serious issues - the cruelty, jealousy, and even crime among students. So called "Teacher" is simply silly comedy, it would not be right

evelluchia evelluchia

i found this anime very funny and a very interisting series though it showed alot of guys loving school girls (very populer fettish) it was very funny and well very intertaining it had alot of very good music as well though i do not reccamend to those yunger then 14 years old due to mature content and language

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Manga: Good, but a little too explicit with illustrations of pervertedness.
Anime: Same as manga
Jdrama: 10+! My #1 favorite of all time! Every episode made me cry... and the acting (while sometimes over the top) really fit with the feel of the series. I do wish that they'd included Urumi and some of the other characters from the manga, but overall a great adaptation.

Seishi4 Seishi4

A great anime for those who like comedy. Despite the poor history, the thesis of anime is very well designed and incredibly well explored. The jokes and situations are unique and funny. //by google translator

MK2010 MK2010

This is by far one of the best mangas I've ever read. The anime is short so i went to the manga. The main character, Onizuka one of the most multi-layered and inspirational. His personality is all over the place. He's vulgar, rude, and sometimes and utter ass, but he's one of the few teachers that truly cares about his students. it is a must read for any manga lover, and especially so for any teacher or aspiring teacher.

DreamBell DreamBell

You know~ Onizuka is a crazy teacher in respects to his regular subject sessions but how the story tied up I felt was preatty good =w= ( besides....most of the students in his class were smart to begin with so why does he bother teaching lol?)

drizzero drizzero

I can personally say that is one of the best animes I've seen yet. It really hits you to the core. It encouraged me in becoming a teacher and having a real relationship with my student's (not Onizuka style of course) but it gives you a deeper understading of the personal interactions. It kind of falls short in the drawing style tho.

e1ectric e1ectric

Great series. Loved the manga and the anime lived up to the manga. I'm a little disappointed that they cut some stuff out, but they did a good job seamlessly cutting it out such that the series ended before I realized that they cut stuff out. Awesome plot and GTO rocks.

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