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Xcf33's Green Green Tv Review

Rated: 8

Overall the story is ok not very original consider fate, destiny, love has always been in the western culture since the time of Shakespear. But the love story is actually pretty good, the conflict of Yusuke had to choose between the past and present, the love interest development between Yusuke and other girls namely Futaba Kutsuki are very good. However the anime can not be considered as one of the kind. The anime however has to be one of the funniest I have ever seen mainly because of Yusuke's dumb horney friends who always try to come up with the most peverted ways to get with the girls, and they'd always trying to drag Yusuke down with them. Them three almost reminded me of the three stooges and that's how funny it is.

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Member Opinions

evelluchia evelluchia

a good anime for those who want a good chukle i found it soo funny hehe XD these guys are such an odd bunch but it always gets me in a good mood just to watch their antics just to get even the slitest peek at a girl in a way thats arrousing theyll do anything for that peek hehe XD its incredibly fun to watch

Summer67 Summer67

Excellent: Extremely funny and crazy characters. Really loved watching this comedy. I thought the camoflauge and rock part in the series was one of the most funniest things ever and it left my ribs sore lol. I hadn't watched many of this type of series at the time but, after watching it, I knew I wanted to see more lol

Sou1Co11ector Sou1Co11ector

Being a fan of perverted animes I thought it was going to be quite good. My buddy recommended it to me, but I didn't really laugh as much as I thought I would.

Some parts were overly perverse, no not perverse, rather just gross...

Also it has love story elements that really start to irk me lately. It ends like any other love-story anime... Ambigious.

Sato-Chan Sato-Chan

I watched it last summer. Although it's for 16 years old, I watched it because it seemed very funny; indeed it is.
Although all of the male main characters are BIG perverts and you can see many nude female bodies, the anime is quite nice. There's some magic in the end and the drawing style is quite nice.
It's quite hentai.... but it's incredibly fun!

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