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Ephemeral-Garden's Groove Adventure Rave Manga Review

Rated: 9

The overall presentation of the manga is just WHOA! Fashion, adventures, action, weirdos, hot guys, sexy girls, Mashima Hiro takes everything from the real society and depicts them in the manga. In addition to humans and dragon, Mashima Hiro also inserts weird creature to enlighten the story.

I enjoy and love Groove Adventure Rave. There are serious moments, sad moments, wacky moments, crazy moments, romantic moments, everything. You have fashion all over the place, awesome fighting weapons, cute and cool characters, very good storyline and some twists and surprises here and there; it's just good.

There are some comments out there stating Groove Adventure Rave as DBZ wannabe, but I just can't see what is there to compared about these 2, and I can't even see the similarity in it.

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My classmate gives me a dvd of this and we watch it in my house, its a nice anime but, it is not complite....
I am really disappointed that they did not finish it, because it is actually a good anime series. The characters are so cool and the scenes are great, awesome fighting scenes to, and the main couple is great with each other. The romantic and the action is great. Good anime over all.

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