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Van is a mysterious wanderer on the desert-like planet "Endless Illusion". He wears a black suit all the time with a sash that transforms into a sword. He meets Wendy, a young girl who is searching for her brother. Van also controls an "armor" (large mechas that are controlled by pilots) that orbits the planet. It's discovered that the man who kidnapped Wendy's brother is the same man he is seeking (for unknown reasons) and so she joins him in his journey.

Credits: gelatinous

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Gelatinous' Gun x Sword Tv Review

Rated: 8

The presentation is great.

It's so much fun to watch I'm dying for episode four to come out... Luckily, there aren't any cliffhangers yet. Van doesn't do anything out of character (he doesn't seem to like to help or get involved with others) but he still does -something- with his great armor, as Wendy and me, the audience, wants him to. I mean, he's so strong, why not help the weak? His love for incredibly disgusting and spicy food is interesting... (he likes Milk, and cheap food that is slathered in -all- available condiments. My guess is that he's always been poor, and putting in all the condiments is kind of getting the most out of the food. He exclaims "SPICY!!!!" upon the first bite)


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Member Opinions

Drakill Drakill

Well, in my opinion, it's pretty enjoyable, lots of heart-wrenching moments and lots of funny moments, I liked this series.
Overall, I liked the story and I thought the character design was quite diverse.

singlemoon singlemoon

Saw the review like 3 years ago before I get the chance to watch it.
Well, in my opinion, it's pretty enjoyable, lots of heart-wrenching moments and lots of funny moments, my third brother, my younger bro and I love this series. We never missed any episode and cheer when Van did something cool, and went 'do your best Van!' when he's on his bad state.
Overall, I like the story very much and thou the character design are a bit different, I really like looking at them. XD

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

I love this show.
It's entertaining and I can get all the laugh I need. I can never understand the villains thou, his idea corrupted his mind and therefore he's a hate-able being.
But, I love it and it's one of the best series I've ever encounter!

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