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This is a series of separate stories; however, they all take place within the same universe (Jin, Ryuuhei, Yuugo, Tomohiko and Kyou work in the same company) and even share some characters.

1. Secret News: Ryuuhei Adachi's new boss, Yuugo Mamiya, looks mean. As Ryuuhei can't let this slide, he confronts Yuugo about it, only to discover that the "frown" is Yuugo's natural expression. After many apologies, Ryuuhei and Yuugo even become friends. But Ryuuhei wants to take it even further...
2. Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou: middle school art teacher Tatsuru Yamaji couldn't be happier: his job is great and his lover, Kyou Tsukishima, is smoking hot. But one day Tatsuru discovers he's gained a few pounds! Disheartened, he decides not to have sex until he loses weight so as not to disgust his lover. Kyou, however, has doubts about their relationship, feeling that Tatsuru only loves his body.
3. Zaiaku wa Hada no Ue ni (Sin is Above Skin Level): Kyou is still unsure of Tatsuru's feelings, especially since Tatsuru spends more time sketching Kyou's body rather than being lovey-dovey.
4. Hada no Ue ni Furu Hana (The Flower That Falls Upon The Skin): Tatsuru invites Kyou over to his house to view the cherry blossoms.
5. Renai Tsuu (Heartache): Jin Aoki was once rescued by janitor Tomohiko Mizusawa from falling down a flight of stairs and is now in love with him. After he confesses, the two live in bliss for a short time. However, because of a misunderstanding involving Tatsuru, Tomohiko refuses to have lunch with Jin and even see him anymore.
6. Renai Tsuu -Akka-: Jin wants to visit Tomohiko's house, but Tomohiko has a secret he doesn't want his lover to find out about.
7. Pillow Talk + Holiday: Tatsuru confesses to Kyou why he's been gaining weight, and Jin invites Tomohiko to his house to spend Golden Week together.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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    Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

This was a fun read; of course, we have the delicious Naono art and sex scenes, but the humor in this lies in the insecurities of the couple since they give this series a more realistic feel. They're problems anyone can relate to and the characters are very lovable (especially the overacting Tatsuru).

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