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Lkjhgfdsa's Haibane Renmei Tv Review

Rated: 8

They are enough therefore brief sequences to arouse the desire to see at least an episode and so much of it enough to be captured by the characters and by the questions that from immediately Haibane Renmei it is able to inspire. But the answers are given with the dropper, while a lot of attention is set on the psychological characterization of the protagonists, that episode later purchases more and more thickness. They are shown while they are interacting with the town that entertains them and while they are developing their job. Meanwhile the new-born protagonist, at first frightened and disorientated, she takes confidence with this new reality.

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Member Opinions

Glukogen Glukogen

This is quite meditative story, because there is little action (but all important), focuses on the inner world of characters and their experiences. This is not surprising when the theme touched the transition from life to death, and vice versa. Place where the characters live to someone become a purgatory, for someone - home, and for others - a stage towards for something new. Everybody must make own choice
This story remind me so much Murakami's novel "Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World", read it if you are interesting

LunaticCrow21 LunaticCrow21

I think this is a wonderful and creative anime. I think the storyline takes an in-depth look at suicide really well. I think I'd give it a higher rating if I had watched it all. I haven't got around to it yet :(

fireflywishes fireflywishes

I thought this was a really nice series but a little fast paced. There were some things that I wish had been elaborated on. Kind of an existential kind of series... But I love the OST for this series. Some really nice harpsichord and strings pieces that help to enhance scenes in the anime.

BloodExcel BloodExcel

The story manages themes such as suicide, sacrifice, and redemption. The artwork is utterly fantastic, the setting is stunning and the background is detailed adaptable perfectly to the tone of the serie. The characters are not classifiable as prodigies or heroes, but rather feel like real people with a real heart and soul behind them. This earnestness makes you empathize with them.

princesslucky princesslucky

Very pleasant series, from the anime to the music to the characters. The last few eps are quite good if it hadn't already nabbed your attention. This series made me cry a few times. Its really beautiful.

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