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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Series

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minayuri minayuri

This series is quite cool, fun, and I'm loved every moment of it, especially the dynamic between Kuuko-Nyaruko-Mahiro-Hasuta. Rie Kugimiya sounds so kawaii in her role as moe-shota Hatsur, a quite different role for someone usually type-cast as a tsundere. Speaking of playing against type, it looks like the role of Luhy Jistone is quite a unique role for Mariko Kouda. All the references it had to other series was also a treat. I gave this a good score because I didn't take it seriously and just had fun with it. The second season was alright, I wish Luhy had more screen-time though, but Kuuko having feelings for Mahiro was an interesting plot twist, and I seem to ship the two of them as a couple. I suspect that Luhy maybe a shota-con for Hasuta though. I don't like that Luhy wasn't included in the new OVA...it feels she is the most short-changed character in the show with so little screentime.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

I bet if Aliens were like this.. it would be awesome... lol what an interesting and odd story line.
The story goes as that the aliens like EROGE madly. So much that they can destroy worlds, betray there masters, sacrifice themselves for any eroge. For that This young boy has been provided with security from the aliens (which are actually renowned mythological creatures like Cthulu ). Funny genre, ecchi and action. Over all an awesome anime.

dnandre dnandre

the new Haiyore! Nyaruko-san makes me laugh hard successfully xD the whole of episode 1 is really hilarious, and I can't stop laughing till the end. a bit different with previous web anime and flash anime but still a great show for comedy anime fans :D

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