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Collection of oneshots:

1) Mika Tsuki no Kimi (You At The New Moon): no matter how often Teruya Sanada confesses his love to his elderly Aiko sensei, Kaoru Ishidzuka, he still doesn't take him seriously! Kaoru is certain that Teruya is mistaking his romantic feelings for fatherly love, but Teruya is determined to get his point across.
2) Aisarete mo Inai (Not Loved): policeman Sakon Andou rescues Jurouta Tsutsumi from a car accident, but loses his right leg. Even after twelve years, Jurouta still feels guilty about this and the love he has for Sakon. One day after rescuing a cat from some bullies, Jurouta is promptly confessed to by Takemura, the cat's new master. He rejects him instantly, but why is the kid so clingy towards Sakon all of a sudden?
3) Yawara Kana Onto (Gentle Warmth): a salaryman is obsessed with teddy bears! Imagine his surprise when he meets Hiroshi, who looks exactly like one!
4) Hajishirazu na Yoru (Shameless Night): Nanase Higawa's greatest nightmare is going out in public; ever since he can remember, he's been a magnet for perverts. Nanase's only help is his cousin Wataru Tamon, who works at the same company. But one day Wataru says he's had enough of protecting Nanase...
5) Amai Karada (Sweet Body): En Andou is brought by his parents into the Daiguuji family house to help the young master and heir, Ayumu, mentally recover from the accident in which he lost his arm, but Ayumu doesn't seem to be too keen on cooperating. (Note: it's not known if En has any connection with the Sakon Andou from the first story, but it's assumed his name is just a coincidence.)
Extra: Mikazuki no Kimi (New Moon Gloom): Kaoru complains about Teruya's sudden growth spurt, which in turn makes Teruya depressed and insecure.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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    Hajishirazu na Yoru

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

I didn't get that special Naono "vibe" while reading this; if anything, the second story was the best, if only because I found only those characters likeable. It's not necessarily bad but it's not anything special either.

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