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Member Opinions

IttyFox6 IttyFox6

All the Ham Hams are soooo cute! ^.^ <3 I've seen all the episodes that have been dubbed on Cartoon Network and own all the R1 DVD's (1-6) that were produced. I wish all of the episodes that were dubbed had been put onto DVD... I also wish that the rest of the series and movies had been dubbed as well... *sigh* 8(

pikachu36 pikachu36

This show was deff one I remember when I was young and towards the start of the Toonami era. This was more like a little kids show, but it was okay and probably one of the only shows I have watched tht was based on hamsters.

evelluchia evelluchia

i found hamtaro so much fun i found it a fun adventure to see things from a cute little hamsters point of view though it makes me wonder what our cute little furry friends are up to next hehe this is a grate series for kids and adults alike ^-^

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