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Riko wants to live her life as quietly as possible but, due to her unusual flexibility and fast reflexes, trouble always manages to find her somehow. Her latest problem is a filthy rich kid called Ran Tachibana, who falls madly in love with her after...almost running her over with his car. Ran constantly pursues Riko, even going so far as to break into her school and demand "her life" - for Riko to become his wife right away. But Riko will have none of that!

Side stories:
1) Jikou Kokyuu no Hitsuyou: Kiyoharu Saeki's first kiss was taken by Touko Kawachi, a girl rumored to be very flirty. At first he's annoyed by her following him around all the time, but soon his feelings start to shift...
2) Fureru Ondo: as a result of childhood trauma, Kashuu Yoshifumi hates being touched by others. But one day he is injured and has no choice but to let the new Biology teacher, Sayuri Kimura, bandage him. To his surprise, he discovers that her touch doesn't repulse him.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Let's check off a few clich├ęs from the start, shall we? Seemingly ordinary girl protagonist, with a quirk? Check. Quirk gets girl into trouble? Check. Girl is chased by a filthy rich guy who wants to bon- I mean marry her? Check. Love triangle at some point? Duh.

And in spite of this, it's entertaining. It's funny and everyone is fully aware of how ridiculous most of the situations are. Riko is a damn superhero, what with being able to jump from tall buildings and moving cars without a scratch. But the story is surprisingly heartwarming at times, when Riko isn't running away from Ran and the two share a serious moment. After the craziness of Ran chasing after her with helicopters (I kid you not), them getting together for real actually seems believable, once they actually sit down and bond with each other. The art is clean and pretty to look at, so no complaints there. It's actually a decent story overall, if you enjoy the "guy sweeps the girl off her feet, whether she wants to or not" genre.

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