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Weskalia's Hanasaku Iroha Tv Review

Rated: 8

Hanasaku Iroha is a lovely series with lovely animation, lovely art, lovely music score and works in a lovely sentiment. It is simply a sweet, straight-up youth drama about a girl trying to make her way in a new and hostile environment armed only with her determination to change for the better. The story can be criticized as simple, though some plot twists, character developments and amazing storytelling will certainly give an interesting impeccability. It may not have the "wow" factor for a slice-of-life story, but in a way, the solid entry and execution make Hanasaku Iroha a touching story of growing up and establishes itself as one of the best series without any struggle. With a sweet smile, of course.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

It's a slice-of-life series which is a genre I don't watch too often. After seeing art and PV's for the show, I thought I would give this show a shot and see how I like it because it seems like it could turn out to be interesting. I actually think the anime itself is very nice looking; the characters designs are quite pretty. I liked the grandmother, but until the third episode she's come off very cold-hearted, but it was amazing to hear her words of encouragement to Jiroumaru but listening to her acknowledge Ohana was just amazing. The differnet attitudes of the characters are nice. Ohana reminds me a lot of myself. Jiro is a complete fool, in a funny way. It was also nice to be able to see a bit of Nako's home life, I'm sure it must be difficult for her, since she's working, going to school, and then having to come home and cook dinner and take care of her three siblings. I know it must be overwhelming to balance all those things and still try to find time for herself, being able to do all that is quite admirable. It's also nice to see Nako speak up a bit more and become more outgoing. Tomoe cracks me up with the things she says and does sometimes. Minchi has a good attitude but she let's her anger over Ohana and Tōru's relationship turn her into a bit of an unlikeable character sometimes, even though her reason is because she likes Tōru as well so she feels like Ohana is stealing him away from her. It was really nice to see that Ko and Ohana confessed their feelings for each other. The ending was bittersweet. This is a show focused on self-discovery. And the hardest thing in the world is probably trying to figure out just what and who you are. The one thing I’m taking away from this show is that even though life is generally crappy and will deal you some pretty crappy cards, it shouldn’t stop you from living it up while you figure out just who you are. With a great cast, and a great team behind it, I think anyone can enjoy this show, I recommend it for anyone to watch and I think anyone can enjoy it; I certainly did.

Also watched the move: Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home.

KazablanKa KazablanKa

I LOVED this show XD
"Hanasaku Iroha" has it, it has the story that's new, somehow. I mean i liked the hot spring and the art was too fitting, actually the art is way too AWESOME!
Also one of things i liked was the Romantic parts or something, i mean i'd hate the show if ohana ended up with Tooru!
I'm just glad that they did add Kouichi to be ohana's since the beginning... you'd get me when you watch the show =.=
For me, my favorite character was Minko since the beginning, she's cool and her voice is.. Well,i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.... i can say it might be my fav anime female voice!!
also Ohana is kinda cute, even though it's hard for me to say it, but i didn't hate her as much as the other cheerful, not quoiting, nice, cute heroins!!
and another characters between funny and serious.
SO...Yeah, i Sure liked it and sure you'd like it, so go for it, it's funny/romantic/adventures/school....and some other things ^^

dchoggia14 dchoggia14

OMG I love it >_<. The first episode was bombastic, a young girl left behind when her mother running away with her boyfriend. The young girl then go to her grandma place, but what she got there? Cold welcome party, high temper senior, and forced to working in inn her grandma runs, she even kidnapped by one ofthe visitor. Sad story? Not at all, with her cheerfull personality, she change everything in the inn and she also changed while she working there. Learning what is life, friendship, love, Upps I talking too much, watch it by yourself and enjoy :]

ladestiny92 ladestiny92

It's the first time in a while that I watched an anime that interest me this much and I could relate to everyday life.
The way Ohana worked hard in Yunosagi, and with Kou-chan really touched my heart~ lol XD

SkyVongola SkyVongola

Ohana was left in care of her grandmother whom she hadn't seen for a long time in an inn called Kissuiso, though she started off with her everyone looking down on her, her persistence and perseverance is her good points that was able to let her fights of the tribulations faced by the inn itself.

A typical slice of life series but holds a great story and meaning in each episodes, Ohana's traits of never giving up is one of the thing that changes everyone in the end. It's one Anime that you won't get disappointed if you're needing for a slice of life.

KitanaSama KitanaSama

Gostei dessa serie mas ve-la até o fim me exigiu uma extrema vontade de conclui-la. Isso pq os dois fansubs que a legendaram por completo em pt-br a meu ver a fizeram nas coxas.... tradução e também adaptação de frases simplismente horrivel!!! Muitas ficaram completamente sem sentido!!!!! Em muitas partes a impressão que passava era que quem traduziu aquilo usou direto o tradutor do google. Sou da opinião que se for pra fazer algo mau feito então que nem comecem! O que me fez não largar essa serie foi a vontade de ve-la até o fim. De ver onde ela iria dar. O que aconteceria com os personagens e com o Kissuisou. Alias os personagens são suuuper carismaticos!

Mayuuki Mayuuki

Hanasaku Iroha was a great surprise for me that season. I just loved it since the first episode! All the characters catched me, specially Ohana Matsumae, Nako Oshimizu, Minko Tsurugi and Kouichi Tanemura. Can't wait for the next episodes! ?

ghost945 ghost945

initially thought it's a light and happy-going story but turns out to be a heavy and very tv drama feels anime. i think it should be turned into a tv drama rather than anime after watching ep. 1. Number of seiyuu gave very different performance vs. what they usually would. several episodes into the story revels a light-hearted side of the story. the production team did a good job in introducing comic relief elements. recent artwork quality has significantly lifted.

HurtHattori HurtHattori

After three episodes, I was completely hooked. Ohana is an interesting main character, and if I have a daughter, I hope that she will be honest and able to speak her mind just like her. I don't know why, but the first episode reminded me of Geisha, with this girl parachuted in a very different environment than what she had known until now. It made me cry, laugh, smile... well, a lot of emotions! Another thing that kept me hooked was the strong impression that I was reading a book, not only watching a TV show; the characters are believable, and their actions are as eloquent as their words.

randomly--random randomly--random

Hanasaku Iroha is a typical slice of life anime. The style of the story is pretty standard, the heroine was forced to live with her grandmother whom she has never met, her bestfriend suddenly confessed to her and she unexpectedly landed on the bad side of her roommate. Despite all those things, Matsumae, Ohana is still ready to face everything with all her strength. Story-wise, I'm not a big fan of slice of life animes but I can keep up watching them. I get bored so easily but I do have to admit that there are times that Hanasaku Iroha cas kept me sitting for an hour or two. I haven't reach the second half but I do have to admit that the last episode I watched definitely caught me. It was fairly interesting and it definitely caught me. I'm really looking forward to watching the next half of Hansaku Iroha which is piled up in my external drive. As for the characters, there isn't anything much to expect since they are all of those from standard slice of life anime. The main heroine, Ohana, never really caught my interest since she's practically the typical I-will-do-my-best-no-matter-what type and I'm somehow get tired of it. Well, that was practically my personal opinion. If I'll try to look at it from a different point of view, I can probably say that Ohana is a character that will always get you going because of her encouraging personality. Music-wise, there isn't anything outstanding. Backgrounds are pretty standard and nothing really stands out. OP and ED didn't caught my attention though they are fairly good. As for the art, I have to admit that this is Hanasaku Iroha's strongest point. The art is definitely outstanding, the character designs are pretty standard but the background are definitely great and looks refreshing. Overall, Hanasaku Iroha is a good slice of life anime with an outstanding art. It's definitely recommended for fans of slice of life animes(:

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

The story is about a young girl Onaha-chan. Having a dreadful mother, who ran away with her boyfriend leaving her doughter behind. Being betrayed by her mother who had no sence of responsibility and who is selfish to the extreme, Ohana-chan is now living with her grandma as a worker in her resort. A very good Piece of life anime. Events in her life had made her strong. I hope that those who are matured will love this anime.
A good thing is that the story is based on REALITY, mean that not even one unreal part is here. Unlike in clannad or air etc.
Ohana-chan... Gumbaray...

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