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Ashiya Mizuki was feeling bored when she switched on the television. It was a regular morning and she saw a high jump competition; in particular she saw an athelete by the name of Sano Izumi. Completely captivated by his jump she began collecting all and any information on him. Sano Izumi became her idol and source of encouragement & inspiration.

Determined to meet her idol and watch him jump, Mizuki worked hard and decided to study in Japan. However a problem soon arose; Sano studied in an all-boys boarding school! Undeterred, Mizuki snapped her locks, packed her bags and left America to attend Ohsaka High School, disguised as a boy.

Mizuki's high school life is full of many exciting and thrilling events. Afterall, it's no easy feat for a girl to remain safe in an all-boy's school! Mizuki must not let anyone discover her true identity, lest she'll be expelled from the school. Not only that, but little by little Mizuki is falling for her high jump idol and is trapped between remaining as Sano's friend or exposing her true gender and risk the friendship that is so precious to her.

Written by shinobi-fi

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Azure-Eyes' Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Manga Review

Rated: 9

The romance is presented in a straight forward, yet uncommon manner. If you do not enjoy a straight forward romance manga, then Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is not for you. Everything in this manga is conveyed and illustrated perfectly, giving large amounts of humor, enjoyability and suspense. This is not a manga that is enjoyed more if you are a certain age group, or gender. The dialog has no, or next to no profanaties in it. The art is also drawn in a way that can be both understood, and enjoyed by nearly any age group or sex. It is a great manga, which can be enjoyed by basically any reader.

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Member Opinions

jakuro jakuro

I'm not sure if this is the proper tag, but I watched the Japanese teen drama called "Hana-Kimi" this may be the tag for the manga but it is the same thing only live-action. The only reason I give this series an 8 is because the ending to the OVA and the series was just plain silly. Otherwise, this series was cute, entertaining, and I always wanted to know what would happen next. I watched it in a few days because I couldn't stop watching. Its similar to the manga in a lot of ways but there are a lot of things cut out and added that have nothing to do with the manga. Most of it was for comedic factor, though. I found Sano a little unlikable and bland in the series but I guess that's what shoujo girls think is cool. I personally liked Nakatsu better.


I own all the Hanazakari no Kimitachi e manga volumes because it is the number one manga in my opinion!
I enjoyed the Japanese drama based on the story line, but not so excited for the Taiwanese drama.
Overall Hana Kimi has awesomely developed characters, plenty of humor, cultural references, processive plot line with a set beignning and end, and it really has beautifully artwork with good variety to character design and composition.
And may I say, of all the characters I adore in manga Nakatsu Shuichi is still my number one favorite.

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