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Member Opinions

XiThau XiThau

After watching the first couple episodes, I easily gave up on the series, because it started to resemble a basic, simple, predictable story. Basically, it was generic. At first, I was interested, but the way Haruka and what's-his-face (main character) are awkward with each other pissed me off. It wasted a lot of time in the few episodes I watched. I also heard season 2 is just like season 1. So I gave up and got rid of it.

I don't recommend it. Unless you enjoy generic Anime's, and awkward relationships. Who knows.

ghost945 ghost945

predictable storyline with main characters falling in love with each other through a series of events. seriously, the male lead is a bit feminie. main female seiyuu one of my favorite seiyuu. solid performance and a matching voice with the character. great stuff. unfortunately is the predictable and recurring themes of plot a let down. since love hina, many stories involved one male against many female characters and not all of them were being developed properly.

Sheqel Sheqel

No explanation given why Haruka would have any interest in the male protagonist after reportedly turning down any previous dating offers. Also no explanation given where Haruka finds the time to hang out with him if she supposedly has many friends already.

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