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Member Opinions

Aliceblond Aliceblond

I've watched 2 episodes and I feel interested already. ^^ This story is funny and motivating... Like, even a demon lord might become a good guy after he gets a good work. XD A must watch of this season totally. ^^

banraider banraider

it is fun anime, i enjoy watching it, although i didn't expect to be that way according to episode 1, but i liked it anyway,
the art and graphics are awesome and i hope it won't take a long time to view the next seasone.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

to be honest, it wasn't that bad, but it felt sort of bland than what I would have expected. the artwork, shots are outstanding and the plot wasn't all that bad to be honest. at least there wasn't much ecchi to worry about and I feel middle teen age could watch this with very little problem. got violence, romance and a lot of comedy.

kakashim kakashim

White-Fox has done a terrific job animating this. The overall series quality is definitely great, imo. As far the series is concern, well it makes me laugh, so that's good enough for me. Love the characters and the bits of drama and romance between some of them so far...

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

if u like comedy anime, i recommend to see this anime, beautiful art, cool graphics, good story line and i thought it's gonna contain more action scene but it has more fun and comedy stuff than action ,well i prefer action anime but it's cool funny anime, i am looking forward for season 2.

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