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SaitoHajime101's Hatsukoi Limited Manga Review

Rated: 8

A 32-chapter series, approx 6 to 8 volumes, depending how many chapters you put into a volume and how many pages the chapters are. It was a fun 32-chapters, but it could've definitely lasted alot longer. Whereas Ichigo 100% seemed to drag at points, this series seemed to have went too quick at times. Some people could disagree but I felt Kawashita-san could've done alot more with this series if she really wanted to. I like the ending but as I made mention in the story section, I had too many questions about what happened after the end. I really wished there was more.

By far my favorite chapters being the Valentine's Day 3-chapter arc, was simply amazing in discussion. It raised some interesting points that had me even wondering what I believed about that "holiday".

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Member Opinions

renlilica renlilica

When I first checked the first episode of the anime I automatically closed it but after I was done with all the good anime I had no option but to watch it and I was wrong to have not given it a try it was a really fun anime the sense of humour is good. I laughed a lot watching this anime. It was really fun.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

A slice of life, containing several heroins but yet not Harem. This anime is about a bunch of school girls and guys, who get in love in each other in a manner, that will provide you all types of love stories. A romantic anime, that made me wish to fall in love some one. XD

ghost945 ghost945

lovely plot and characters. relationships are well unfolded and progressed logically. feel sorry for that guy that is stuck with his younger sister without a girlfriend though. seiyuu of female characters as always, very professional and job well done. male characters' seiyuu just a little weak, especially the big brother. love that story about the higher grade guy who can really draw. a lovely story within a story.

Eunoe Eunoe

When watching this show, forget the term main character.
What really makes this great is the sudden turn of focus on each characters love story.

Two thumbs up! Like Ichigo 100%, it really is awesome and has nice graphics

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