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Because their father doesn't let them keep the alligator Pochi for a pet, sisters Izumi and Mitsuki Sawatari run away from home. However, they soon run out of money and need a place to stay, so they visit the rich Yoshitaka Nakabayashi to ask for help. He offers to hire them as maids, but Izumi thinks the terms (tight and revealing French maid outfits) are unreasonable and decides to leave, knocking down a vase on her way out.

This is exactly what Yoshitaka expected; he demands to be paid a ridiculously large sum for the item. Now, Izumi and Mitsuki are forced to work for the boy and live in his house, while he keeps adding to Izumi's debt. In addition to this, Yoshitaka is rumored to have a lolita complex, and Pochi (who turns out to be quite perverted) keeps chasing Izumi around while she's in her maid uniform, breaking more things and increasing the debt even further!

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

When I watched this I had an idea of what I was about to see, so I wasn't too disappointed. Seeing as this is in the "harem" genre, there's a lot of fanservice and slapstick. The situations aren't particularly believable either, so I'd say this is good if you just want to turn your brain off.

Obie1 Obie1

oooooooo.k this is one charming show <to say the least> If it isn't Izumi's sister trying to get her in trouble,It's her master that want's her to wear a few uhm "enticing clothes" or filming her while she's "Indecent".I tel ya this show is very charming and I would say watch it once or twice.It's not that bad...unless,you know.Your against perversion and the like.

ghost945 ghost945

rather funny and visually pleasing. lots of fan services, great for ecchi. story tend to be predictable but enjoyable on the other hand. characters pretty ecchi. seiyuu above average (not ecchi enough since the whole theme and running gags are about ecchi-ness).

VampireKeita VampireKeita

Very good anime, although I don't like how it ended. It seems as if there is more to the story, but they just got lazy and stopped making it, ending it in the middle.. She never pays off her debt, and she never falls for the guy. So really theres no conclusion.

mishia mishia

For Gods sake, this anime makes me so angry. Every character except for Izumi (the only normal character) in this series is either a pervert or someone who encourages and advocates perversion. Freaking ridiculous. Poor Izumi....

stargem stargem

A funny harem style story about two teenage girls that have run away from home and end up staying at a teenage boy's house as live-in maids. It is a short series that slowly develops a romance between the oldest girl and the master that they serve, while her younger sister produces many diabolical plans to bring her sister and master closer together. It is a fast paced series that is filled with humor in each episode. You see each relationship as it grows through the series, and the trickery that is played upon the characters always keeps the viewer entertained. Slightly fanserviced in several episodes.

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