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winree winree

The anime adaptation is completely in a mess. But then again this is wonderland we are talking about. I mean before you watch the movie it's better if you have a better understanding with the storyline through the manga. If not you'll completely be dumbfounded with what the hell is going on. On second note, some voices doesn't seem to fit some characters though.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

I absolutely adore "Alice in Wonderland", so I had high expectations for this series, but I was sorely disappointed.
I can't get a hang of what kind of person Alice is in the anime. She looks cute, but personality-wise, she's B-L-A-N-D. She doesn't show much emotion other than annoyance when around Peter White and uneasiness around Blood Dupre. And the show is basically about her being pushed around all the guys (yeah even the Queen of Hearts is a guy -,-) in Heart no Kuni, which is like, B-O-R-I-N-G.
In a nutshell, Heart no Kuni no Alice is just a typical shoujou series with lots of glamour and zero substance.

ai-yame ai-yame

Enjoyable series all in all -- from the plot, to the unique characters and style. Quite a reverse harem, too, so it piqued my interest even more. So, another Alice in Wonderland story and remake? Well sure, it does have lots of similarities with the original version (Lewis Carroll) especially in plot and characters, but of course there are differences in plot and there are also invented characters, so it's not really as boring as one would think. Plus, there are hints of romance, which makes this even more exciting.

ChiyukiHiro ChiyukiHiro

The first thing I probably thought when I first started reading this was probably "Omg, Alice gets kidnapped by the white rabbit!??! O-O" Never heard of a version of Alice in Wonderland where the white rabbit that Alice has to follow had to resort to kidnap! The art good & characters & clothing are well detailed & pretty style-ish. I own manga volumes 1- 5. I'm excited to see this series through! Who wouldn't want to follow a guy with rabbit ears down a sudden random hole in their backyard?

kyo-tohru-1985 kyo-tohru-1985

awesome manga have all 5 volumes right now can't wait for the next one to come out and see what happens. I just love Peter White, Boris, Blood, and Nightmare. Man if i was Alice it would be hard for me to pick just one. It would be a tie between Peter and Blood lol

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