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Unbeknown to the masses, vampires do exist; as a precautionary measure, certain groups have been created to keep them (and their creations) under control. In the United Kingdom, the group is the Hellsing family, with Integra Hellsing as the leader.

One night, a squad is sent out to a village to solve the mystery of the increasing number of disappearances among the locals. Victoria Seras, a rookie police officer ridiculed by her comrades, is bent on proving she can handle the mission, but soon discovers they all have been overwhelmed by the vampire and his slaves. During the fight that ensues appears Alucard, a mysterious man who kills the vampire and severely injures Victoria in the process. On the verge of death, she accepts to be turned into a vampire by him, accepting him as her master.
On their way back to Alucard's group, she discovers the truth about the Hellsing Organization and accepts to fight alongside them. The story is mostly told from her point of view and shows her relationships with the other characters and the hardships she encounters while trying to accommodate to her new lifestyle.

Credit: pandemonium91

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Komrov's Hellsing Tv Review

Rated: 8

Overall, Hellsing is the best anime of its kind out there. With some of the coolest characters ever, great music, great art, and an outstanding plot, it is one of the best animes on the market. If you like shows with vampires and/or the undead, buy this. If you like great action scenes and lots of blood and violence.

For those with an affinity for gothic horror and dark, intense drama, Hellsing is an absolute can’t-miss series.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Alucard is a true badass in every sense of the word and it is my favorite role of VA, Crispin Freeman. The rivalry between Alucard and Alexander Anderson is one of the best anime/manga rivalries ever and having Norio Wakamoto voice the latter is a great choice for the Japanese dub in the OVA. The Major is one creepy character in many ways, but he is quite cerebral as an antagonist character. I was surprised with what became of Walter, but I have to admit, his younger self is quite the hottie. The ending was a bit of a cop-out though and the animation production could've been more consistent and Satelight did the best job with it. From seeing the TV series now and comparing it to the considerably superior OVA series by many, the former is actually quite good in it's own right...especially animation-wise. The only disappointments I have with the TV series is the sad lack of Anderson, Incognito was a terrible foil for Alucard...the only finest foil for Alucard is Anderson, and the final three episodes of the TV series was pretty bad. All in all, I'm in agreement with the majority that the OVA series is the best that the Hellsing anime works have to offer.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

one of the best gore animes that I've ever encountered and wish they would bring more. I can't decide which hellsing version I like. alucard has got to be one of the best full blooded vampire killer known to anyone. yes I know what alucard means :P I just found this one priceless, the gore, the violence, perfect.

hellsing ultimate isn't as good as it's original hellsing adventure, as a vampire freak, this one is just a brushed up version, modernized and tormented with stuff it's not needed. I didn't mind it, but I didn't care for it much either, not really wanting to own it either. giving it about a 6.25 rating.

Cirru Cirru

The first animated series was rather odd and had a very poor ending. Part of this was due to the fact it had been made while the manga was still being written, which isn't typically a good idea.

The manga is excellently written and flows really well. The history of characters and events is explained. There is also a nice tie-up of things at the end.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

It's a good story and I specially liked how they used Bram Stoker's work as inspiration for this anime, but there are some plot holes that I think could've been explained better with a few more episodes. Another thing that I liked is the way they portrayed vampires: decadent, solitary creatures, sometimes deranged. That gives the whole story a different and nice taste.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

One of my favorite Animes of all time! full of blood gore and violence just the way I like it. My actually rating is probably above 10. I have read the manga, seen the TV series and the OVA series and I'm still waiting for OVA 8. I also love how it sticks with vampire lore no ifs ands or buts.

woochann woochann

I rate this mainly for Hellsing Ultimate. The original Hellsing saga was rather poorly done, however, when Hellsing Ultimate came out: Hellsing became more than just a different take on Dracula (oops I mean Alucard). Hellsing Ultimate is definitely something I'd keep younger, or less experienced anime watchers from, well, watching as it has some mature themes, and tends to be on the bloody side (I do not think a sarcastic undertone is needed for the point to be expressed; however, I tend to do so anyways). Also, if you are a fan of the manga (which I have yet to pick up) I hear it feeds your soul too: as in it actually is in step with the manga more so than the original Hellsing series. The music in this anime is gorgeous, and the animation while sometimes haphazard, is well put together and does enhance the Hellsing experience. A must watch for anime & vampire fans of the like (or even people who are not: as I am in no way a Vampire fan, but love this series to death).

piri666 piri666

Anime sucks. I don't like character design and Seras role. But, I love Manga and OVAs, there is much better.
I like their plot and the studying behind Alucard. His personality are so tough and mysterious that a lot of fans fell in love at once, right? ;)

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

I'm referring to Hellsing Ultimate here and not the original anime, which is so crappy that it shouldn't even be considered as canon.
It is a highly creative sequel to Bram Stoker's "Dracula". REAL vampires (not sparkling ones filled with angst), ghouls, Nazis, blood, gore, huge guns... Cool and exciting. But then later on I realise it's more than these. A few tearjerking moments, especially when certain important deaths happen. I also sympathise with Alucard more when his personal history is revealed. Unexpected major plot twist near the end, and when the long-awaited Girlycard finally came out I was like HELL YES KICK THAT MOTHERF***ER'S ASS!!!
Fair artwork, though I think it's getting better and better. VERY BLOODY, but that's fine with me.
Once again I have to mention how glad I am that they abandoned the original crap and remade the whole thing into OVAs and based them on the manga.

VampireKeita VampireKeita

One of my favorite anime, but I really wish they would finish it. All thought I know they won't. The stories meant to be left open. Seras Victoria and Alucard are the stars. And Alucard is obviously Dracula spelled backwards but surprisingly no one mentions it in the anime... The anime is filled with guns, vampires and death... what more could you want?

Glukogen Glukogen

I like the first version for the atmosphere and the OST, second for its proximity to the manga style of drawing and story. But this is the main disadvantage of Ultimate - the basis is good, the characters are excellent, but the ending ... In other words - I'm disappointed

bafyte bafyte

Very good story. Some groosome scenes but still amazing. I love this anime. It is in my top 5 and it will never leave from there. I watched it a few times and the OVA as well. Just love that black hair vampire. He is too hot to miss girls xD

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Bloody with heavy climate. Like the crazy and original character of Alucard and his relations with Integra (extremely strong female character^_^). Even if you don't like vampires (I'm not a big fan of them, but they don't mind them as well) there is something to watch. Plot is okay too. Generally very good show, that Hellsing^_^

Haladflire65 Haladflire65

I'm watching the OVA series, and my, it does kick ass. Top-notch animation, music and voice acting... Complete with tons of action and gore, it's one of my favourites now.

(seen the old show as well)

Felcie Felcie

I couldn't gave it a 9, but for the amazing graphism and the peculiar bloody atmosphere, Hellsing deserves at least 7. And I add 1.5 just for Alucard ( which gives Dracula back to front, THAT WAS CLEVER !). This is quite a main character Hellsing has. Okay, he never lose. But, hey, he is a bad guy after all and bad guys lose only once in mangas xD All the characters in that anime are stylish and they are unique. And it's kinda monochrome, as the covers of the paper version. Really, the animation is clever and, it's good to see the vampire as the badass and just as bad as it should be. Alucard will never ever sparkle.

Jheiracks Jheiracks

This I think is perhaps my fav series. Some of the character designs become a bit annoying but Aluquard, both his design and his voice actors (Jap/Eng) more than make up for all that the others lack. I did enjoy just how closely they stuck to the original manga style. An YES! I love the soundtrack and it is MINE!

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