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Heroic Legend of Arslan (Hiromu Arakawa)

Heroic Legend of Arslan (Hiromu Arakawa) Series

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Heroic Legend of Arslan (Hiromu Arakawa) Scans

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Member Opinions

Steffi1690 Steffi1690

Awsome Artwork, Intersting story, Awsome fighting scences - it's honestly the most perfect & Best Anime this season!! (Summer 2015) (IMO)
I can't get enough of it! I'm honestly addicted to it! =)
The chara I'm most fond of, though he is the bad guy in the story, is Hermes!
I like his development from the beginning to the end.
Though I hope that the girl called Alfreed would get together with Elam and stop hanging out with Narsus!

And I'm so happy that they announced a 2nd season!
Hopefully we will get to see a clearance of the prophecy & a fight between Arslan and Hermes. (though I do not think that Arslan would win this fight)....

minayuri minayuri

Very engaging series with a diverse cast of characters and fantastic battle scenes. As far as which character I'm most fond of it is Hilmes/Silver Mask, he's the most interesting and his character development is the best. My dislike for Alfreed has waned considerably, but I think she suits Elam more TBH. I''m glad that Arslan grew more ambitious as the story developed. His thing with Etoile is quite cute and I think they suit each other pretty well. I don't like the 2nd OP & ED that much and prefer the 1st ones better from the S1. I'm disappointed that that S2 is only 8 episodes long and wish it was given a full cour especially with the epic battle that's to come for all involved. Arslan has grown in his character development and is a stand-out character in his own right, but I feel Hilmes still holds the gold for his development in S2. Hopefully the story will be concluded in an epic movie conclusion with a battle royale of the four sides aiming for the top and that the final battle will be decided with Arslan vs. Hilmes.

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