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Lkmjr's Heroman Tv Review

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Rated: 8

Honestly, Heroman is a far better series than it has any right to be. It's a flood of tropes from start to finish, combining American superheroes with Japanese giant robots and throwing in a good-old-fashioned alien invasion just for kicks. Heroman really doesn't offer anything new to the proverbial table, but it captures the spirit of classic Saturday morning cartoons in all the right ways, mixing together and slightly modernizing old ideas and formulas to come out with something that feels fresh but still familiar.

This is quite possibly the most American anime I've ever seen. It takes place in America, features a red white and blue robot, and the one Japanese guy (judging by his name, Dr. Minami) is a villain.

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mzrz mzrz

the first i saw this i dont really like it... but somehow i got charmed by its western style character.. >.< cool...n realize the story was really good... i also like Kogorr.. he is a cool Alien Antagonist....

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