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Shoemaster's Hidan no Aria Tv Review

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Rated: 8

I particularly like Aria, she reminds me of the palmtop Taiga in Toradora which I think is very cute. Sometimes I feel sorry for Shirayuki because she is like a devoted wife to Kinji, always so caring and obsessed over him but get snatched away by the awesomeness of Aria Holmes. In one of the episode I started to fall for her when she wanted Kinji to do her or something and she look so innocent and that gave me a blood rush. Reki, the sniper, is one of my fav, her cool style combined with her awesome sniping which I think is just awesome. Riko is a perverted Otaku and she is a very interesting character, very good at gathering information for Kinji and always into seducing and teasing him.

This anime is eye-catching and got style.

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Member Opinions


I could care less about Aria. She's one of those types of characters I despise. That personality is like Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Haruhi Suzumiya and others I can name. They are called tsuderes I believe so those types I despise most of the time.

The other characters I like especially "Holmes".

Not a bad series. If you despise tsuderes, stay away.

Sharon-sama Sharon-sama

Aria is a cute girl but the other girls are a little perverted.. =.='' The plot isn't very interesting and the villains aren't normal ò.ò
The male protagonist seems to have no personality, I do not like him so much ...I give this vote only for Aria ^^

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I'm watching this because I saw it on a blog that I use for anime and the plot seems really interesting. I just finished watching the first episode and Aria's attitude is very funny, I also thought it was funny when she showed up at his house with a suitcase saying: be my slave. What a thing to say to some one when you just show up, barge into thier house and make yourself at home. Watching Aria gets flustered so much over Kinji was cute. Shirayuki was just a completely annoying character to me. Though she was an expected character type; the childhood friend with feelings for the main male character, Kinji. The girl's feelings towards Kinji can't even be called jealousy. Shirayuki acts like a stalker, seeing as she tried to murder Aria when Shirayuki found out she was living with Kinji. I didn't like her. I liked Reki, I wished they showed her more. Riko was okay. Her past with Vlad was pretty mesed up. I didn't expect Sayonaki to be the vesel for the bad guy, even though there were moments when he acted suspcious, so I did know he wouldn't turn out to be a good guy.

randomly--random randomly--random

Hidan no Aria has caught my interest when I read the preview in Random Curiosity. I instantly add it to my anime list only to myself disliking the heroine even from the first episode. Well, I don’t really have anything against Hinzaki, Aria but then, I don't really want to talk about why I dislike her. Story-wise, for a harem, action type, its' practically good. No complains about that. The action pack opening with Aria and Tooyama, Kinji was definitely outstanding and it catches attention. Characterization was good though the only outstanding ones has to be Kinji, being a good main character and Mine, Riko being a good antagonist. Also, another outstanding for me, personally, is Reki,the sniper-girl. Well, it's simply because I have this knack for silent-type characters(: Music-wise, I don't recall anything special or interesting. Nothing's wrong with it either. Overall, it's just typically good enough for the anime. OP and ED didn't really caught my attention. The art, on the other hand, is definitely good(: The character designs are outstanding. Personally, I like Reki and her scenes. Also, the action scenes are good, the battle between Aria and Riko in the airplane are good. I guess, the action scenes are Hidan no Aria's strongest point. The best scene has to be the opening scene of the anime, wherein Kinji was being chased by a "butei-killer" in his bike with a bomb. Overall, Hidan no Aria is an anime with good plot though not that outstanding execution and great animation especially for the action scenes. If you're into action anime, Hidan no Aria is definitely something to watch(:

evelluchia evelluchia

i found this series such a wild and fun adventure i wonder is there a real school like that around it would be cool or would it hehe XD anyways i reccamend this series to anyone ^-^ (warning contains graphic content not suitable for yunger viewers)

ghost945 ghost945

seiyuu of two mains worked together before, performance this time more or less equal to tiger x dragon performance. story rather interesting having borrowed various elements from other anime/manga. action packed together with love elements making this quite enjoyable. artworks very high quality especially all the guns and bullets fighting scenes. hope there's season 2.

andy4andain andy4andain

At first episode when I saw it I thought that It'll be an awesome anime.But when Aria appeared the anime was even more cooler!! <3 Kinji's Hysteria Mode is really interesting to me xD He reacts at ecchi stuff and similar things.I wish I could have Hysteria Mode too xD Well,in the end, I'm still curious about that girl named Kana.Hope to be a second season of it <3 The opening I really love it! ><

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

In future near future, there were humans that were a little more stronger then normals. There was a special school for them. A school which was go guid them to become a BUTEI. BUTEI are concidered as Special forces and at the end of the training one BUTEI was concidered to be strong enough to handle more terrorists then a bunch or two.
Brilliant presentation and voice acting. Liked the story as of no other anime.
Hopegully i will get to see another season (full season this time) soon.


It Rocks! I Love this kind of anime.... And I found my dream girl in this anime!!!! White hair, Blue Eyes and wearing a sailor uniform.... OMG damn she is cute and pretty!!!! Jeanne d' Arc!!!! Oh sorry... I'm GETTING OFF TOPIC... Alright so once I watched the first episode I'm already completely hooked onto it. So this anime is definitely enjoyable to watch and has a unique storyline

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