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InfiniteSky InfiniteSky

Pretty addicting....and sweet. The main character's pretty cool and there's some pretty funny stuff that happens. I think that, although it is a typical shoujo manga, it has something special to it that makes it more enjoyable than others. Their love does not start off immediately, nor is it initially definite that they will be together. She begins seeking help with love. But not his love. Her first love is not him, but a friend. As they spend more and more time together, they become closer and their bonds become stronger. I think I'm going to reread this.

LadyCrosszeria LadyCrosszeria

For me it's rare to like the shoujo genre anime, they had to have something outstanding like the story, characters, plot, theme, etc., for me to like them. And this one has none of those o.o It's your average love story between the clumsy, ugly-looking girl and the school's prince, but for some reason I really liked it o.o Maybe it was the way the characters developed or their personalities, I don't know but if you are looking for a funny love story then this one is for you.

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