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Kuoh Academy is a recently formed co-ed school. Issei Hyodo is an average student at the academy who's obsessed with girls. Out of the blue he gets asked by a girl named Yuma Amano. It turns out that she is one of the so called 'fallen angles'. She came on a mission to kill Issei. But he's saved by Risa, thus being reborn as a devil. Challenges await him as he continues living the life of a devil.

Synopsis: aalif

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Member Opinions

crimson88 crimson88

I really like this anime. The story are very good, very out of the box.
The fanservice is good with playing tug. The action is interesting.
I give 10 points for DxD. I really want to watch next season.

evilxangel evilxangel

Okay as a girl I cant help but think why the exaggeration of fanservice? But apart from that its actually a pretty good anime. The idea is old fashioned but the characters are well drawn and typical anime girls to satisfy your preference. The title of chess pieces made it more attractive and the storyline is pretty entertaining. For a laugh and nothing but boobs I would recommend this series. Also op/ed songs are very upbeat I loved them they earned a spot in my playlist.

evelluchia evelluchia

i found this series very uneque and and interisting look at deamons angels and other religus entities as well as the infamus stratagy game chess though i did find the fan service a bit too much i found the story content pretty good and interisting enouph for me to keep watching till the end ide reccamend this series for guys more then girls though thanks to the amount of fan service thats in the series (ecchi content)

InuyashaRulesssss InuyashaRulesssss

Really liked the idea of the king and the chess pieces. Thought that was unique. This was very ecchi. Liked the romance that was in it. Not much was in it, but was still good. Good anime. Hope a game comes out for it.

ghost945 ghost945

hmmm... story is about eroge. there're plenty of nude scenes - nipples flying all over screen. story wise, pretty old fashion. the metaphor about chess pieces is pretty new though. seiyuu ok i guess. thought our main male lead voiced much better in guilty crown than here.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

From the past decade all i can see is that anime industry is running in a way where its promoting DEVILS over HOLY, and there are so many such anime with SAME IDEA and so less for the vice versa, OKAY OKAY I GOT THE IDEA,"" DEVIL GOOD, HOLY BAD "",but what i want is a change... a CHANGEEEEEEE, bring up something new, something different... WHAT I NEED IS A SURPRISE?


BECOMING ENEMY OF ITS OWN PRODUCT ??.... don't screw with me..

Shit man... i am soooooo pissed now. I really love the stories which revolves around the HOLY/DEVIL WARS, but common.. i am fed-up of the same freaking idea...

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