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It's an ordinary school day for Rei and Takashi, until a strange man suddenly stumbles inside the school yard and bites one of the employees. From then on, chaos ensues: the bitten die and transform into flesh-eating zombies ("them") who stop at nothing to get their food. Rei and Takashi are caught in a fight for survival, forced to kill their own infected friends and classmates. After some time, the two escape the school and head for their homes to check up on their families. Along the way, they meet other survivors and group together, doing their best to protect themselves against the increasing hordes. However, they also meet rivals, and must rely on mutual trust and play by the new rules at all times in order to make it out alive.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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    High School of the Dead Wallpaper

  • High School of the Dead Wallpaper

    High School of the Dead Wallpaper

  • High School of the Dead Wallpaper

    High School of the Dead Wallpaper

  • High School of the Dead Wallpaper

    High School of the Dead Wallpaper

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  • High School of the Dead Wallpaper

    High School of the Dead Wallpaper

  • High School of the Dead Wallpaper

    High School of the Dead Wallpaper

  • High School of the Dead Wallpaper

    High School of the Dead Wallpaper

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Animefreak114's High School of the Dead Tv Review

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Rated: 6

Hands down, all Higshchool of The Dead boils down to is entertainment. No brains needed (this is a zombie flick guys really--no brains needed. Get it? GET IT?!....shut up). The story line is un-creative and predictable at best, and the characters really aren't anything other than your one dimensional anime archetypes. Still, it's not as though the show tries to hide this fact and it still is a really fun anime to watch during its high points. HOTD is above average, but not great, not masterpiece material and definitely NOT something you watch with your girlfriend or your parents in the room.


In terms of immersibility I really do think HOTD has its hit and miss moments.

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Member Opinions

froginthemoss froginthemoss

10/10 personal favorite and classic of 2010. I watched this series for the first time nonstop, while I was sick in bed with the flu and living off of soup and crackers, and this helped me get through it xD. Really good zombie story with plenty of sexual tension, blood, silly moments and is all around entertaining to say the least. I highly recommend this one to everyone I know!

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

I'm currently watching this and I gotta say, it's nothing I've never seen before. This show has what I've been waiting for. Action, Drama, Violence, Blood, Horror, The Zombies, the good ecchiness! I'm loving it so far, it better be this good throughout! It is from Madhouse so that's why it makes sense. Loving the art and animation! Gonna keep on watching it!

minayuri minayuri

This is quite enjoyable for a modern ecchi anime series as it does has something going for it with an engaging plot and a badass male protagonist in Takashi Komuro. I almost wish more modern anime leading male characters in ecchi were modeled more like Takashi and not shitty ones like DxD's Issei. It is pretty good for an ecchi series and like many of the fans of the series wish there was a second season, it certainly deserves it.. As far my favorite female characters go, I like Rei Miyamoto the best as she is a multi-dimensional character in her strengths and flaws which balance out well. The character that deserves all of the hate is that creepy Kouichi Shidou, I really can't stand that guy and understand why Rei despises him so much. In regards to how the fanservice is used in this anime, the slow motion shots in the 8th episode were pretty bad, otherwise it was handled pretty well and didn't detract from the story itself. I had my misgivings about this series, but I don't anymore and find HOTD a very good anime, and now I like it.

Shimazaki Shimazaki

Nice to watch but it got a lot of ecchi elements but it doesn't made the Anime worse, the story is great and characters are nice made as well. It got some Comedy aspects in it which is more Character related

LenoreDiKaat LenoreDiKaat

FANSERVICE EVERYWHERE. This one is about zombies, like many others, the thing that sets it apart from other zombie animes is the panty shots every 30 seconds, lol. Seriously, though, it's a good anime to watch if you set apart all the boob-bouncing. It's a shame that the manga is in a permanent hiatus, a.k.a. it'll never get finished.

pikachu36 pikachu36

High School Of the Dead or HOTD was good for me right of the start. Mind you this is a special project the company created. Yes there is a lot of fan service which distracts a lot of people from checking it out which is a shame. Yes I did enjoy the fan service though mainly because I am a guy lol, but over all it was quite an experience. The creators did an awesome job and shows you all the cool things you can do with animations when you decide to say ah what the hell and go ham on the project. Honestly If I knew this show was as good I would have loved to have watched it sooner then I did. This show is now my in my top 3 of all time! Deff recommend and deff think it deserves a 10 out 10.

darkmage530 darkmage530

-First 4 episodes. Been great, it's a lot of fun, something you don't take to seriously. Ecchi is a little over the top but I can deal with it. 8.5/10
-Finished: It started off good but the middle of the series got way to bogged down in pointless ecchi scenes/episodes. It picked up a little at the end but it just lost it's balance from the first few episodes. 7.5/10


This anime is so awesome and cool. The first episode is really awesome that makes you want to watch the second and the next episodes. It is really an awesome series full of excitement. The characters are cool. The background is awesome and the animation is also good. Although I am still not satisfied with the ending, it is still worth watching. Hopes there is second season...

mikeb23 mikeb23

Very solid anime. Has a very basic plot though...zombie infection, kids ban together, love relationships form, survival and yeah. I liked it and there was ALOT of fan service (almost enough to be a hentai...jk). But the group is a very well thought out one. My favorite was Saeko. Mmmmmmmmmm... has long hair, nice curves, kicks SO MUCH ass and she loves doing it. Did i mention she uses swords? Yeah...double hot ;)

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If eechi and zombies are your type of thing HOTD is for you. For me I have mixed feelings about it. As somebody who doesn't mind zombies but can't stand an overload of eechi I have mixed feelings on this. The characters have good development as far as I'm concerned, and the plot and animation is well done. However it's hard to take it seriously sometimes when they toss a bunch of bouncing boobs and random panty shots. Also I'm not a fan of seeing that either so that downgraded quite a lot for me. If you're into that well dive in and go ahead you'll enjoy it.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Ok, so when you are told this is a story about zombies, you expect to see zombies, right? And sure enough, there are zombies but the anime focuses a lot more in the fanservice than anything else, which IMO is very annoying. Also the story it's not that good to be redeemed from having more close-ups of the girls boobs than a zombie apocalypse. It's not that bad an anime but to be honest there are a lot of better stories out there than this.

espada357 espada357

Really cool cause it combines 2 of my favorite things to watch: zombies and anime. The tsundere they used with Saya was just great. It was like she couldn't get along with anybody. who cares, shes still my favorite girl on the show. I'm gonna rewatch pretty soon.

aureawolf aureawolf

At first, it was a revelation for me to see zombies in anime. It looked quite promising, then... all the ecchi stuff blew it. I mean, like everyone else I do enjoy a nice dose of kinky stuff, but this was exaggerated ad absurdum, specially when it comes to boobs. Come on, people! Why do they always have to look and move like if they were latex water balloons? They can look sexy even respecting real anatomy and physics!

Pump03 Pump03

An ecchi and survival- horror anime x) No, I'm not a perverse!
Well, here we've got a basic ecchi. With zombies and an apocalyptique world [Although there are busty girls x)].
A basic scenario with action and adventure.


OMG This anime is so coool! Its a really good horror! Sooo awesome! But...the echii is a bitt too much XD
So its like this: In 2010 Japan, beginning as the world is struck by a deadly pandemic that turns humans into ZOMBIES ( cool!), and referred to by the main characters as "Them" :(
The story follows a group of students at Fujimi High School: Takashi , Rei, Saeko, Saya, and Kohta;
Shizuka, the high school's nurse, and Alice, a young girl, as they fight their way to safety through the deadly streets of Japan during a worldwide catastrophic event known as the "Outbreak".
Lots of fellings and conflicts cuz its kind of the end of the world and your scared...so alot happens at the same time so its really cool!
My fav character ( after Takashi and Rei ;) is Saya! She is sooo bossy and so annoying! But she is really cute and shes really nice (deep down) plus shes crazy about Takashi ( but he likes Rei ) XD
This anime is really good and entertaning!

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